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  1. Well, I like Epiphone a lot when you get into their higher end stuff. I like my Epiphone LP far better then the lower end Gibson LP 60's tribute I had previously. Biggest things to me are the pickups and the finish. Epiphone uses a poly finish where Gibson uses a lacquer. Lacquer is easier to fix if (when?) it wears but not as protective as a poly. Poly tends to dampen the vibration of the guitar so the sound may be suppressed a little and it has a plasticky feel. Epiphone has gotten a lot better with their poly finishes and they are pretty thin on the higher ends stuff but still thicker then a lacquer is. Far as the pickups go, really that's for your ear to decide. Some people are fine with Epi, others swear by Gibson pickups. My Epi is a special edition that has Gibson USA Burstbuckers and they sound nice to me. Gibson may appreciate over time, but that is not at all guaranteed, modern Epiphones can only depreciate (with the exception maybe of the Japan made models). I like this video, it's a great apples to apples 335 comparison: https://youtu.be/fBmABxBcSGw I know, it's something of a cop out but really I've heard some great sounding Epiphone Dots. I haven't heard any bad Gibson 335s or 355s yet. I have read about needing setups and things like that for both but I kind of think that you need to do that on any guitar you buy, it's just a maintenance thing to me not a negative. If you are looking to save a bit of cash and want a players guitar, Epiphone is your winner. If you are looking for the better guitar overall, Gibson is the choice. Neither is a bad option, just depends what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay. I wouldn't hesitate on an Epi if that is what fits your budget. JMHO -Jim
  2. I really like the ES Les Paul shape and the Burbon Burst is really beautiful. When I first got it I just stared at it for a while because the flaming in the wood just looks amazing. The MHS pickups are very sweet too. I play a lot of older blues stuff and they sound really spot on for that. I still want a 335 or 355 just because they are cool but this does a pretty decent job emulating both a standard LP and a larger hollow body. Though a 335 size has a little something extra that the smaller body doesn’t to the tone. I hear a difference but can’t quite put it in words. There’s a good video out there by Anderton’s UK that they do a blindfold compare of the 335, 339, and Es LP with and without f holes and even though iPad speakers you can hear there is a difference. Good luck with yours, I think it’s a great guitar. I am not sure Gibson is going to make them any more with the current issues and downsizing, they may focus on more traditional models so who knows might be a rare model in a few years. -Jim
  3. +1 ^this^ Plus maybe a Peavy Delta Blues amp...
  4. I want the non-ego spec one without his name on the fretboard. Especially if it has the Gibson pickups... The gold top Les Paul JB edition I have is excellent.-Jim
  5. I bought a set of TonePro Kluson “upgrade” tuning pegs to replace the ones on my ES Les Paul but I haven’t swapped them out yet. A lot of people say the TonePro Kusons are better then the Gibson Deluxe ones. The seem smoother without any play in them but I have to see how they are when I put them on. I thought about getting locking ones but like the classic Kluson look and most of the locking ones break the classic look to me.Let us know what you end up with.-Jim
  6. Dropped an email to Gibson Monday about the set screw just asking where I could get them and they replied yesterday that they are going to send two out to me! Great customer support -Jim
  7. Thanks for that info. Mine is missing one of the set screws. I have to see if I can find a replacement set screw for one side...-Jim
  8. I ended up picking up a set of TonePros Kluson “upgrade” tuning machines that Stewmac had on clearance. I had a $15 reward from them over the holidays so I ended up spending $15 including shipping on them. For that price, I’ll take a chance http://www.stewmac.com/Closeouts/TonePros_Kluson_3and3_Longpost_Tuners_with_Pressfit_Bushings.html At the next string change I’ll see about installing them. They looks like a drop in fit so, I’m hoping for no drama Hopefully that’ll take care of my issue.-Jim
  9. My 2015 is the same. I wonder if the inlay is on a separate piece of wood and they just do a simple route in the headstock on drop the whole piece in rather then route the script and inlay in the letters directly on the headstock? Either that or it’s a thin inlay on a piece of wood laminate glued onto the headstock. Like a wooden sticker so they can say it’s an inlay and still have the easy application of a decal at the factory. Just a guess...-Jim
  10. Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look at the nut but it seemed ok when I changed the strings. I used a little stewmac guitar grease in the slots too just to make sure but you never know.... -Jim
  11. So a few months back I picked up a NOS 2015 Gibson ES Les Paul in Bourbon Burst. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Memphis/ES-Les-Paul-Bourbon-Burst.aspx It’s a very nice guitar and I love the feel and sound but the tuners they chose to use are a bit of a pain. They are Kluson style but have a lot of play in them and once you get past the play they are stiff. It’s really tough to get in tune and they seem to slip out of tune more often then my Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul with standard Grover 14:1 tuners. I figured I’d play it a while and see if things got better with use but they don’t seem to be. I’m a little disappointed that on a premium guitar they went this route on the tuners but maybe I just got a bad set. Anyway, does anyone know a good, drop-in set of tuners for this guitar? I’d like to keep the look of the Kluson’s if at all possible but just a better functioning set. Any ideas on this would be appreciated.Thanks-Jim
  12. Congrats on the 339, definately a good choice. Let us know how you like it...-Jim
  13. I actually picked up a 2015 ES Les Paul between my first post on the thread and now. Sorry I don't know much about how Gibson is on delivery dates. I will say I like the 2015 a lot with a few things I am not thrilled with. My two main gripes are that 1st it doesn't fit snugly in the case. The headstock can move right to left because the body is loosely fitted in the case so I am concerned something may happen to it carrying it around, or at least it might get wear marks or scratches. 2nd the tuners are very imprecise. They look good but it's tough to get it in tune because they are stiff and it's tough to tighten or loosen them by small increments so it's always "just about" in tune. I'll probably need to get them replaced with locking tuners because other then those two things I really like the guitar. Hope they are able to get you fixed up soon. -Jim
  14. I just picked up an 2015 ES Les Paul in Bourbon Burst a few weeks ago. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Memphis/ES-Les-Paul-Bourbon-Burst.aspx I play a lot of acoustic blues and am learning electric stuff (BB King, Albert King, Hound Dog Taylor, etc) I was in the same scenario between the 335, 339 and ES LP. The 339 has a more mellow sound closer to a 335 then the ES LP but the ES LP definately has a good portion of the ES hollow sound to it. Basically if you want the 335 sound, the 339 is going to get you closer. However if you want something that can do a very good impersonation of a Les Paul and then turn around and do a pretty decent impression of a 335 the ES LP might be the ticket for you. I suspect the lack of f holes will help with high volume feedback but it probably sounds pretty similar to mine, which sounds excellent doing everything from basic 12 bar shuffle rhythm through BB King type leads up the neck. I chose the ES LP because I think it's a little more versatile and I like the LP shape but I don't really think you can go too far wrong with either choice. -Jim
  15. I looked at several of the ES Les Paul specials mainly because they are affordable but I found the finish to be lacking, especially around the neck on most. I also wasn't thrilled with the overall look of the specials. Played nice though, all the basics are covered in that model if you can get around the finishing job which is where they saved money. The standard ES Les Paul's seem so much better finished to me so I just ordered a NOS 2015 ES Les Paul in bourbon burst, probably be here early next week. I am going to be waiting impatiently for the FedEx truck all week I think the Epiphone florantine is a different beast. It's a routed back mated to a laminated top sort of like a wildcat in a Les Paul shape. I liked that one too but I think it's a little heavier and sounds more like a solid body to me. -Jim
  16. I think the 2016 has adirondack spruce bracing and abr-1 bridge (2014 had the AVR2 bridge) there may be a cap change between them too but I don't recall the specs. I've read differing things on the neck carve so seems like that may be different but might just be normal variation on the hand finished necks. 2014 has 1.7" nut, 2016 has 1.68" nut I think too... I don't see the 2014 model on the Gibson site any longer so just going from memory, might be some other differences... -Jim
  17. So, I got some time today to go though and do a cleaning and setup. Had to do a minor tweak to the truss rod, string height and intonation was off a little on a couple of strings, easily fixed stuff. I have to order a new knob but I found that the knobs were all not seated correctly so fixed that too. Adjusted the pickup height a little and it is sounding even better then before. Took off the pick guard and cleaned up the edges with a nail file, there were a couple of rough pieces so it didn't sit near the neck pickup cleanly. Also took off some little pieces of clear plastic from around the pick guard screw that were most likely from the clear plastic they stick to the pick guard when it is new. After that lemon oiled the fretboard and cleaned out some gunk around the frets, Maguire's scratchX on the back for some swirls (Didn't get all the swirls out but it's not nearly as noticeable.) then full cleaning with Dunlop 65 cleaner and then Dunlop 65 cream of Carnauba. Found a really tiny gouge in the front that I didn't notice before but no big deal. Shines like new now and plays like butter! I am really liking the guitar a lot! Sometimes nice stuff just falls into your lap, I love when that happens :) -Jim
  18. Hi Dan,I am sort of in the same boat right now on looking for a nice hollowbody. Here's how I am narrowing it down, might help you narrow is down. 1: Bigsby or not? For me I don't need a Bigsby and it's just something I wouldn't use the way I play so unless the deal is awesome, I am not looking at ones with a Bigsby or tremolo. You may decide you need one so either way this question narrows the field.2: body size - are you comfortable with a 335 size or is a 339 or even a Es Les Paul since that's an option now. I like the 335 size but I play sitting a lot so the Les Paul size is not as comfortable. 339 size and wildcat size are good for me too. 3: sound - it sounds like you have this narrowed down to a specific blues/early rock sound. P90s or humbuckers? To me humbuckers are the way to go but p90s have a raw, edgy sound that is great for some things. 4: bling - do you like fancy appointments or simple ones? The dot is a classic for a reason but so is the Casino. I like bound necks but inlays I can go either way on. I don't like a lot of fancy gold appointments or flowery inlays, stuff like that but some folks go wild for that stuff so decide where you fit in the range of bling.5: how does it feel - this pretty much tops most everything except maybe sound to me. If it checks off all the other boxes but it hurts to play it for 20 minutes I won't buy it no matter how good it sounds. Fortunately I am pretty neck agnostic and a good setup fixes a lot. Personally I am thinking about a Dot or one of the 335 variants maybe even a Lucille model, but your answers to the questions might lead you to a wildcat or a 339. Hope my breakdown helps some.. good luck with the search.-Jim
  19. I have never posted in Epi forum before, just the Gibson one. I had a Gibson LP 60's tribute previously but didn't bond with it well so I traded it in a couple of years ago on a Gibson J-45 that I love I have been looking at the Epiphones forever though (Especially the semi-hollow bodies like the Wildcat and Lucille models) So I have been keeping my eyes open for semi-hollow body for a few months now. Not really in any rush but keeping an eye out for any deals so I saw one of the semi-local Sam Ash stores had a used Epiphone ES-335 Pro with hardshell case for an insanely low price so I figured I'd go check it out. Took the 45 minute drive and when I got there they didn't have it of course so I figure, might as well look around while I am here. They have a closeout Epiphone Black Royale for a decent price so I was messing with that a bit but really didn't like the binding, reminded me of a 70's huffy bicycle seat LOL. So I checked out the whole place and was about to leave when I saw this Epiphone goldtop that looked interesting. Not sure what caught my eye on it, maybe the mismatched knobs. It was hanging in a row of other Epiphone Les Paul models in various colors but the Goldtop just grabbed me for some reason, I haven't been looking at Les Paul models a lot lately after my stint with the Gibson LP but I figured what the heck. I pulled it down and saw the truss rod cover and it clicked that it was one of the signature models. Normally I am not a fan of signature models but this was pretty understated. I am mainly a fingerstyle blues player, lots of old stuff and mainly acoustic so I tend to play electric exactly the same as acoustic just with longer bends and slides because electric has the gift of sustain and lighter strings :) Let me say right now, I love the neck on this guitar! It's just chunky enough to give you solid thumb support and is a little flat in the back. Very comfortable to me. After messing with it unplugged for a bit (it's a very resonant solid body guitar) I tried a few different amps, (I really liked the new Fender Mustang GT40 BTW) and the Burstbucker 2 and 3 in this model are really nice sounding with the right settings. This is a very bluesy guitar, more so then I usually think of a Les Paul. The setup was very nice and the only issues with it are the neck pickup volume cap is cracked (easy and cheap to fix) some minor use marks on the back that I might be able to buff out, and it's missing the certificate of authenticity (I guess the previous owner wanted to keep JB's autograph.) No big deal to me, I didn't buy it as a collectors item. Case has a couple of wear spots but overall is in good shape. I looked up the serial number and it was made in April 2012 at the Epiphone China factory. Price was very good for a used top of the line Epi with a case. I couldn't pass it up, it came home with me instead of an ES. I am sure I'll still end up with an ES at some point but hey, everyone needs a Les Paul too right Maybe this weekend I'll get some time to do a good cleaning and string change on it but so far I am really liking it. http://www.epiphone....sa-Goldtop.aspx Here's the specs: Body Material: mahogany Top Material: Carved Hard maple Cap Neck Material: mahogany Neck Shape: Rounded "D"-profile; 1959 shape Neck Joint: "Deep-set" glued inTruss RodAdjustableScale Length: 24.75 Fingerboard Material: rosewood with pearloid trapezoid inlays Fingerboard Radius: 12" Frets: 22 medium jumbo Bridge Pickup: Gibson USA Burstbucker™ 3 Humbucker Neck Pickup: Gibson USA BurstBucker™ 2 Humbucker Controls: Bridge volume, neck volume, bridge tone, neck tone, Epiphone all metal 3-way toggle Bridge: Locktone™ Tune-o-matic/Stopbar Nut Width: 1.68" Hardware: Nickel Binding: Body and fingerboard Machine Heads: Grover® 14:1 ratio Colors: Metallic Gold Includes: Lifton-style hardshell case, hand-signed certificate of authenticity, Epiphone Straplocks Stock photo, not mine but looks the same except for the cracked volume knob. Maybe I'll post some pics later, I'm at work now but it's a very nice guitar and the price was excellent. Have a great weekend! -Jim
  20. Yours and mine could be siblings: Not the best pic, but you get the point :) -Jim
  21. Possibly dumb question... for the purposes of this thread, is a 2013 60s tribute considered a Studio? I know the 2011 and 2012 tributes had studio in the name but the 2013 didn't though they still appear to be modified Studios... -Jim
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