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  1. Hi Simon, It did sell for 3499. I put it in my local branch of GuitarGuitar. They sold it for 15% commission, which would work out similar to what it would have cost me on eBay. keep in mind my 25/50 was in fantastic condition. Hope this helps. Martin.

  2. SWF


    Did you manage to sell your 25/50 Les Paul? I am looking to sell mine and was wandering if you have any advise as where and how much I should ask?



  3. http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Marshall---Guvnor-Plus~ID~730.asp Copy & paste the full link... (3 in stock at the time of posting)
  4. http://www.marshallparts.com/products/487/Pickup-Gibson-57-Classic-Plus-Zebra.htm
  5. I'd recommend the original Marshall Guv'nor, if you can find one. They crop up on eBay from time to time. A lot of Fender amp users really like the MI Audio Crunch box, they all say it really is a Marshall-in-a-box: http://www.mieffects.com/cbindepth.htm
  6. Mety

    Les Paul Axcess

  7. My local dealer says that it's weight relieved/chambered, I can say it is definitely much lighter than the regular Customs in the store.
  8. Mety

    Les Paul Axcess

    The pickups are BurstBucker 1 and 2 as stated by the Admin on the first page of this topic. Unless the specification has changed since his original post...?
  9. Mety

    Les Paul Axcess

    Above the top' date=' mate. Me too. I can't wait!
  10. Mety

    Les Paul Axcess

    I spent years looking for a guitar that feels like a Les Paul but had a Floyd Rose fitted. I even got my local luthier to make me a Mahogany "Strat" with a glued on, bound neck to Gibson scale length. Then a few years ago I enquired at the Custom Shop about a one-off build of a Les Paul Standard fitted with a Floyd Rose. They told me that they were not accepting custom orders and that fitting a Floyd to a Standard would be too difficult. That's when I thought "I'll do it myself". I bought an Epiphone Elite Les Paul Standard Plus, Schaller Floyd Rose and a Burstbucker pro for the bridge position, then got my luthier to put it together. It is one of the best guitars I've ever owned in the last 30 years! I'm also really pleased that Gibson have left the volume and tone controls on the Axcess in the usual Les Paul position. I can't play guitars that have the volume control close to the bridge pickup, like a Strat, I keep catching it!
  11. I have the 50 watt and 100 watt heads and the full stack with G12C speakers. They are the best amps I've ever had. (I've been playing since the mid-to-late 70's and have owned a lot of classic amps.) Some good points have already been mentioned above, and I too would be quite happy to answer any questions you may have. A few things about the amp: 1. The Vintage Modern will not cover up sloppy playing. What goes in comes out. If you have the sound in your hands this amp will bring it out. If on the other hand if you haven't, this amp will let you know that too, in no uncertain terms. 2. They can sound good at low volumes but they're meant to be used on stage, like most 50/100 watt amps. This is where they shine. 3. It is essentially a 60's Plexi with some modern extras and was designed as such. Point to point wiring would make no difference to the sound at all but it would raise the price considerably. 4. If you use your guitar's volume control to go from clean to crunch to solo, like our heroes did from the old days, this amp can do it and you'll love it. 5. Some people feel the need to boost the volume for solos by using their favourite booster in the FX loop. As the pre-amp is already putting a huge signal level into the power-amp anyway, this mostly does not work. The trick is to do the opposite, i.e. cut the volume slightly for rhythm (in the fx loop) and let it go straight through for solos. 6. There are two dynamic ranges. The low range is old 60's style Plexi (vintage) where the poweramp has to be maxed out to get distortion. The high range brings in another pre-amp valve (modern) and is like the hot rodded amps of the early 70's upwards. 7. There is also a mid boost button, (originally for single coil users, but some humbucker users really like using it too). I could go on but it depends on your style and type of sound that you're after. Some pro users include: Slash, Malmsteen, Gilbert, Aldrich and Uli Roth. They may not necessarily be your favourite guitarists, but they certainly know a good amp when they try one!
  12. Mety

    Les Paul Axcess

    It looks to me that Musician's Friend are advertising in advance of the Axcess' release. Notice they don't have any photographs yet...
  13. Mety

    Les Paul Axcess

    That's great news!
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