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  1. I never have to hear When I'm 64 again. I've been skipping it for years.
  2. Does anyone remember Nashville Staights? I'm waiting for someone to re introduce that marketing idea. I used to imagine long trucks with straight wire lined up while they cut them to guitar length. Anyone? Bueller?
  3. I looked at your profile. You're 17. It's not going to be the last guitar you buy. Do you think it will look good on you? I'm checking MF, and quoted in Canadian Pesos it's not going to leave you going hungry. It's going to retain some of it's value, and If you think it looks good on you, you'll play more and get better. Have fun. Don't fret. It's just a guitar. With cool P90's and a bigsby. Enjoy it.
  4. R.I.P. Paco. You were a true artist. One of my favourite all time shows was Paco, Di Meola and McLaughlin. Just a night of shame, for ever thinking I could play guitar. His hands seem to work on their own. With no connection to his head. Which always looked detached from the event. Off somewhere else. Sad day.
  5. Maybe I was wrong about the speed knobs. Here a page that has a '46 es125 that looks like yours. I hope this helps http://www.rocknrollvintage.com/products.asp?cat=Recently+Sold+Guitars+and+Amps
  6. It looks like an ES 125 but I don't recall them having those fret markers. It's usually a dot. I think the speed knobs are replacements too.
  7. I saw that tour. Graham Parker and the Rumour opened here. Is Rick still playing that 5 necked guitar? It would be like an anchor around your neck. You could see it from the cheap seats though.
  8. Don't fast forward through Joe Walsh and Gary Clark Jr. That's sum nice Casino
  9. But it's a dry cold. Welcome. I lived in Canmore when I worked at Sunshine. First year the gondola went in.
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