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  1. It looks like the one I have owned new since 1967 complete with missing the "E" from the pick guard. Very nice.
  2. As the original owner of a 1967 Rivoli I would say yes unless I'm missing something.
  3. OldPlucker


    Very nice. Its one of my favorites
  4. I see you got drawn back to the Rick and you've already dressed this lady in the black silk. The blue is a beauty and it's less common than the Fireglo and the Maple. Very nice. I still love my maple 4003. I liked it enough that I sold the EB to help cover the costs. I bet that combination sounds awesome.
  5. Except the links says "Coming Soon". When?
  6. I was wondering because I thought about the nylons on the Ric; but, figured it would change the sound that makes a Ric a Ric.
  7. So did you part with the Fiery Redhead? I recently added a blond to family and parted with the satin cream EB.
  8. So, how about the Gibson Lifetime Warranty? Wouldn't that cover the electronics?
  9. Sweet. How's it playing for you? Sorry I haven't been on here in a while otherwise I would have responded.
  10. My first was in 1962 and right before I decided I wanted to be a bass player. It was a mid 1950's Les Paul Jr. in sunburst.
  11. OldPlucker

    EB 2014

    I am still loving my 2013. I gather I was lucky. I am still thinking about changing the strings on the EB to the ETB92's. The t'bird has been changed to the ETB92 strings. This is an older photo.
  12. You better keep the wife because she might get the guitar in the divorce. LOL Seriously, you need to explain the collect ability of the guitar to her. Mine has gotten upset with me over the years; but, usually gets over it after I explain why. I hope the Ric is all you expect because I keep seeing mixed reviews on the lack of consistency and QC. That is a beautiful guitar. I would hang on to it.
  13. That's one way to solve the dilemma oaf choosing the color. Very nice. Here's mine with D'Addario ETB92 stings :
  14. I gather that part of your unpacking of a new bass includes removing the strings and installing the D'Addario ETB92 strings on them.
  15. I was not immediately drawn to the walnut finish or the SG Standard; but, I must say seeing yours with the ETB92S strings is a beautiful Axe. Congratulations on your acquisition.
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