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  1. It looks like the one I have owned new since 1967 complete with missing the "E" from the pick guard. Very nice.
  2. As the original owner of a 1967 Rivoli I would say yes unless I'm missing something.
  3. I lean towards "fiery redheads myself". I was s tame auburn in my youth (more grey now); but, my daughter got the fiery red and the temper to match. That being said, your Reba is activating my GAS, I would need to sell some other toys to get that. Then I would need to sell the Rickenbacker to finance the lawyer after my wife divorces me. On top of that, it would be another bass I would be afraid to take out in public for fear of chipping or scratching it. My Rivoli never leaves the house.
  4. Very Nice! I like the name.
  5. The environmentally controlled display case is a great way to be able to show them at the same time protect them. Be careful what lighting you use, some lighting puts off UV which will damage (fade) the finish. Many quality LEDs are Museum safe.
  6. Okay, I am vintage and own a vintage Rivoli that I bought new. I was reading this wondering why people are leaving their guitars on stands or hanging for weeks or months at a time. I can understand that in a store; but. an individual? Can me strange; but, I only use my guitar stands when I am using my bass guitars or planning on playing them. The rest of the time them stay in their case in a environmentally controlled conditioned space. When they go out, they ride in the passenger compartment of the car, not the trunk. This has resulted in no stand wear, no fading and no cracks in the finishes. When younger I had lots of my collectable toys and photos hanging out for people to see. I was later shocked to discover how much the air, dirt and UV had effected the goodies. Even the hardshell case is not 100% safe. My brother stored his Fender Jaguar in the case; but, foolishly it wasn't in area that was properly conditioned. Having seen a friends $3000 Gibson accoustic guitar fall off smaller stand, I switched to Hercules stands more for stability being Nitrocellulose Safe never entered my mind. I haven't checked; but, I think the EB may be the only one with the Nitrocellulose finish and when it is out, it is on the Hercules stand.
  7. My 1st bass was a 1964 Fender P bass bought in 1964. My 2nd bass was my 1967 Rivoli Cherry Bass, bought in 1967 and still owned by me. In 2012 I added a MIM J bass In 2013 a Ibenez 5 string Soundgarden In 2014 a Fender Deluxe J Bass MIM (sold the standard MIM) Bought and subsequently sold a 2009 Standard J Bass Made in US but I preferred the MIM deluxe feel and sound just added a 2013 Gibson EB
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