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  1. Some additional information on this guitar I’m looking at. Has an Orange label, does not have custom shop or historic collection decal on the back of headstock, gold keystone tuners, serial number on back of headstock matches with 2007, does not have a pickup, called Gibson but they have no additional info, sold by a reputable dealer....I’m sure it’s a legit Gibson but just unsure of what actual model it is.
  2. Jinder thanks for the info would it be safe to say that the Historic and TV are basically the same aside from the finish? Finally have the money for a nice acoustic and really want to figure all this out. The next question for myself is, find a good used J-45 of which I have had several and loved through the years or bite the bullet and try something new that I’ve always wanted and get a good used Bird......
  3. Can anyone help me figure out what year TV Hummingbirds were introduced? I have seen a 2007 with an orange label and tulip tuners but am not sure if it is a historic, TV or just a regular 07 standard. Anything specific to look for? Thanks
  4. Anyone on here own one of these guitars? Can’t find much info on them anymore. Particularly are they consistently well built? How is the tone? What type of bracing etc? Thanks for all the help. I looked through a few threads on here already and it sounded like it might have been just a dressed up j45 standard of the era.
  5. NGD fund is getting close to full. I was wondering if any of you could recommend some good dealers that may have pricing below MAP? Feel free to PM if you don’t want to post publicly. I’m just trying to find a good dealer
  6. Here I am looking to get myself a j45 standard and I see this beautiful guitar! Congrats I’m sure you love it. Now I am thinking I may have to set my savings threshold a little higher to try one of these beauties!
  7. That sounds like exactly what I’m after!
  8. Lots of great info and stories. Looks like a Standard would suit me fine. Although I would like to sit in a room full of Gibson’s and hopefully there would be a new Vintage to compare and contrast with and pick the one I liked best. Gonna be a couple months before the cash is there, but it’s not too early to start window shopping.
  9. What is the general consensus on the standard J45s of the last couple years. I need a J45. Have had a pure voice and a TV loved the sound of both but ended selling them when times were tight or I was after the next tone ghost. As it stands nothing sounds as good to me as a good J45. Granted the TV and the pure voice had adi tops, but my main question other than the tops and some different trim isnt a J45 a J45. I’m very intrigued by the new Vintage J45s there seem to be some great reviews on these but they are a bit pricier than the standards. It seems like standards get lots of love and with some minor mods like removing the under saddle and getting a bone nut and saddle you can really get a huge improvement. Ultimately it is all about what I am willing to pay and the tone I like, but it’s hard to find anywhere that you can try several samples of standards and different variants of J45s in the same place. So basically tell me all about your standard , why is it great, and why did you choose it over a more expensive higher end model. Also what is the bridge string spacing these days, it seems like the market is trending toward Taylor with everything being thin and skinny, which hurts my long fingers. I want a neck I can feel and room in between the strings so I can fingerpick.
  10. that certainly makes a $40 set of TonePros seem like a heck of a bargain!
  11. I was referring to the set on the J45TV reissue, not original 40’s and 50’s parts. The tuners on the TV were in fact very loose and cheaply made. These TonePros/Klusons are much more precise and don’t slip or wiggle. Great tuners for the price. I’m not sure how they would compare to original klusons though. For the money they are a definite upgrade as far as 2012 stock 45TV tuners go.
  12. I bought a set of the tonepros/kluson 3 on a plate for my 2012 J45tv and can attest that the tuners are great, and a direct replacement at least in the case of Guitars with three on plate tuners. The quality and tune ability of these machines is so much better than the cheaply made originals.
  13. Beautiful guitar! Looks like mine. I agree that so far all of the TVs I've played have been phenomenal.
  14. You are going to love your TV. If it is anything like mine it will be amazingly versatile, light as a feather and have time for days!
  15. Not expecting sonic improvements at all, just want to replace the plastic pins with something nicer. I'm thinking ebony, mostly just for looks. As far as the tuners those will be swapped out as soon as I figure out what tuners will be a direct replacement with a smoother gearing. It's looking like finding a set of the now discontinued tonepros kluson may be the best bet.
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