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  1. From almost half a lifetime of dealing with electronics (inbetween software...): "always suspect the cables" has been the most successful servicing adage (also goes for switches and plugs - anything mechanical). My HT-5R became wonky to the unusable; suddenly loud, then suddenly quiet, then humming... The cheap & nasty effect loop switch was the culprit there and I replaced it with a sturdy toggle switch. Never had a problem again after that.
  2. I feel that I ought be able to play with greater speed.
  3. Apple is the new Evil Empire, haven't you noticed? Lock-ins, protectionism and exploitation is their business nowadays. ;)
  4. That's what I thought, having not-so-small hands... Then I found out there is a Jazz III XL - that made all the difference, and it's the only pick I use now :)
  5. The capacitor right after the input is normally an AC coupling capacitor. To find the tone capacitor, locate the tone potentiometer, any of it's three terminals could lead to a capacitor, possibly going through a resistor on the way there. That is most likely the tone cap :-) If you plan on changing it to an "enthusiast cap", bear in mind that there are also many other capacitors in there that affects the sound, among them the AC coupling capacitors that the signal passes through at the input and output. DJ --
  6. I love racing games, but prefer sim style. The GTR series is my favourite. Currently I'm working my way through Gran Turismo 5. Oh, and of course I use an FFB wheel, pedals and racing seat :) DJ --
  7. Bah! Engines are for sissies - when I was a lad we didn't have'em :P This is the bird I learnt to fly in: DJ --
  8. That one looks good! I used to spend quite a bit of time with Falcon 4.0. Do you have their Ka-50 sim too? Last sim I flew was Comanche-Hokum... Maybe it's about time to get a USB HOTAS set and a DCS sim or two. I'll have to ask Santa :) In the mean time there's Gran Turismo 5 - mandatory for car nuts! DJ --
  9. Nah, no true temperament... How about H.R. Giger's signature guitar, a guy who doesn't even play : DJ --
  10. G.A.S. If the body was black (or at least not yellow...) I'd grab it! DJ --
  11. You'll love notation. It's just so much more "musical" than tabs IYSWIM, and it works for all instruments (because next up is learning another instrument, yes? ;)). When I was a kid we learnt standard notation in the music classes at school, playing a recorder and eventually some other instruments. This was in Norway, I don't know how it is in other countries(?) DJ --
  12. Myth. Not that I've ever heard that particular claim before. Wax is not ferromagnetic and has no effect on the magnetic fields of a pickup. The only thing it does is to provide mechanical stability for the coil windings and the pickup cover, which may lead to less microphonics. DJ --
  13. Haha, love your sig, ARATSTJ @ mcmurray : I don't have enough experience of amps to really recommend anything, but my lovely little HT5 has a good bit of gain and a headphone/line output... DJ --
  14. No, Peterson tuners are more accurate. TC says the polytune is accurate to 1 cent. Peterson tuners have an accuracy of 0.1 cent. The Turbo Tuners beats this again with an accuracy of 0.02 cents. I'm not sure if the Polytune is has the full accuracy in the polyphonic mode with only 5 LEDs per string, as opposed to its monophonic mode which has a much higher display resolution. In any case 5 LEDs isn't much of a precision display, but I'm sure it's fine for a quick tune-up on stage. BTW, it's not the first polyphonic tuner as they claim. The VG-99 has that, but you need a hexaphonic pickup... DJ --
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