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  1. Try looking on reverb or ebay for comparisons.
  2. Adjust the pickup heights, lower the bridge and raise the neck to your liking.
  3. Usually looking for parts for guitars made overseas you look for import parts based on metric specs, American made guitars usually use imperial measurements. Try lookng at https://www.guitarpartsfactory.us/index.php?route=common/home http://www.musiclily.com/ https://www.stewmac.com/ https://www.eyguitarmusic.com/ The interior pickup dimensions should be standard. or you can go on ebay or reverb and buy epiphone PU rings off of there too.
  4. You could also get a new harness put in in 50's style along with different caps to get the sound you want.
  5. What's the differeance between the 61 burstbucker compared to the BB 1,2,3, Pro/Pro plus? or are they the same as the 2018 61's that were on the 2018 SG's? Disappointed that the 19 Lp 60's don't have Locking tuners.
  6. it's it's a 2018, try adjusting the DIP switches, take the Treble bleed off. also adjust the pickup height as sugested. If it's too high it's more powerful, lowering it gets a more mellow sound. in the Neck if it's high it gets very strong but if you lower it you get a reall good tone. Check several classic LP's and see how their Neck PU are.
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  8. I installed them on my 16 LP standard, now they're cracking. :(
  9. Eh, The screws, go through the pickup mounting ring and to the pickup legs. The Legs are threaded to accept the screws. Don't know what a pickup clip is.
  10. Didn't know epi sold direct to consumers http://store.epiphone.com/ 1966 century for $499/+tax($43.66 for me) at sweetwater(notax) and zzounds(notax) for $649. Free ship for all. Deal/no deal?
  11. The PCB's come with CTS measured pots, and orange drop caps, have options for treble bleed and tone pot bypassing. Along with splits instead of Taps. I can hear the differance. Especially the minute tone setting changes. the treble bleed is useful when lowering the volume.
  12. no changed it for aftermarket PCB, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-or-Epiphone-Control-Board-for-Les-Paul-Jimmy-Page-Mk-2-Major-Upgrade/272986100801?hash=item3f8f3d5441:g:lj0AAOSwywRaNeko More tonal choices.
  13. I replaced my stock pcb with aftermarket, and the stock BB's sound amazing.
  14. Flip the neck pu magnet(It's easy) see how the Out of phase tone compares.
  15. Just plug all the plugs back into it, screw the ground wire down, that's it. Taking the speed knobs off and not yanking the shafts out as per their warning(on original board), was carefully done, otherwise it was fairly easy. no soldering required, no battery pack, done less then 10 minutes(had to adjust the pot nut base height to fit your own top width otherwise). I have to dig my amp out and crack it to see how this thing reacts, running it through amplitube/headphones doesn't give me the full tone.
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