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  1. capmaster, educate me if you would are not all guitar fretboards of whatever material glued onto the underlying neck wood, are they not all "laminated"? for example, I never assumed that a rosewood fretboard meant the entire neck was solid rosewood, I always thought every guitar made had the fretboard laminated on the neck, what I am missing here? do you feel that Gibson cheated you because they glued or laminated the fretboard on when they should not have? thanks for explaining this to me if you would as I know little to nothing about this phase of guitar construction
  2. Which bridge did you buy for $35?? the Wilkinson roller bridge http://www.guitarfetish.com/Wilkinson-Brass-Roller-Bridge-Locking-Studs-Chrome_p_866.html
  3. now you need locking tuners to complete it. love my locking Grover tuners, came with my 2014 Standard Plus
  4. Norton, It sounds to me like the perfect set-up. I hope to save up enough money to have the same done for my Les Paul some day. I was surprised at how cheap it was to do this with a new Wilkinson roller bridge around $35 and the roller nut from the link I showed above was $50 I installed the roller bridge myself as it just slips right over the existing bridge posts but I had my Guitar Center tech install the roller nut and he said no charge because I ordered the nut through him and of course I had bought my Les Paul from that GC and am seen frequently in there fooling around so they rightfully assume I am a good customer to not charge the install to. So for about $85 I consider the experiment to be cheap and am very satisfied with the result I wanted, a complete absence of string binding or stiction at either bridge or nut due to any part of the wound string being caught in the V grooves, which we all have experienced the nut pop when it can let go while tuning, its all gone now, very smooth and precise tuning. just throwing this idea out there if anyone else has considered it
  5. about six month ago I installed a Wilkinson Roller Bridge as having the string ride over individual rollers seems to result in smoother tuning and bends and for $35 gave it a try, I like it a lot. Two weeks ago I ordered in this roller nut https://www.allparts.com/BN-0262-010-ABM-7020-C-Roller-Guitar-Nut_p_768.html and had my GC tech install it, he said my stock nut came right out and he did not have to remove any wood from the neck to fit the roller nut but did have to sand a little bit off the treble underside of the metal nut, easy. The effect is very positive to me, with now both the nut and bridge on rollers tuning is very precise with no stiction anywhere and it seems to stay in tune forever. No I do not have a tremolo and don't want one on my Les Paul. Anyone else gone this route of thought about it?
  6. do you not have the typical 30 days full return with all money back on purchase warranty? don't understand why you have to sell it at a loss unless you kept it longer than the original try out period
  7. HOWEVER... a few guys on here who got a 2015 had replacement chrome plated nuts sent to them which apparently fixed the issue... but really who wants to have to go through all that nonsense when you buy an expensive item like a Les Paul... very true, and it brings out the question - why did Gibson release such a soft brass nut insert in the first place? they have been around a very long time, why did they ignore extensively testing the wear characteristics prior to shipping? how well did the childish Les Paul signature received by the buying public, everyone seems to dislike it but they went ahead with it anyway.........
  8. norton

    2016 Models

    [$3999 for a Standard 2499 for a Studio? I can only hope those prices aren't for real! I have seen 2016 Standards offered at $2800
  9. norton

    2016 Models

    wow, looks like the 16s that have seen all are without the G Force, brass zero nut, and stupid headstock signature a big return to the traditional qualities that makes Gibson a great guitar maker well done Gibson
  10. don't know if you are referring to the Mylesspaul.com web site or not, but the Gibson bashing is brutal there, goes on and on, you would think the world has come to an end, raw emotional hatred
  11. Could it be that the very few disappointed make a lot more noise than the vast majority of satisfied? //Robert yes speaking of quality control, I recently bought a brand new 2014 Les Paul Standard Plus it is magnificent not even the slightest flaw, anywhere did I get lucky? maybe I did......but the fact remains that Gibson IS capable, and clearly does produce top quality guitars...I know because I have one NO, I am on the Gibson payroll, no I am not a Gibson employee....I just get tired of reading Gibson bashing
  12. you are doing just fine, continue putting all of the strings on, does not matter what order they are put in place your tailpiece is also the bridge and each string goes over a little raised piece, each one placed a little bit more forward than the others, that IS the intonation, there is no setting it as it is automatic on your particular guitar carry on, this cannot be screwed up, don't worry
  13. the saddles sometimes face in opposite directions to aid setting the individual string intonation usually the EAD strings needs to have the saddles further back and so they are faced that way to give lots of room to do so, versus the EBG string saddles needing a bit shorter string intonation setting as far as setting your bridge, first used the knurled nobs to raise or lower the bridge to achieve the string height you want, usually 2mm from the top of the 12th fret itself to the bottom on the low E harmonic string and about 1.5mm same measurement for the high E string, measuring holding the guitar looking down as if you are playing it then tune normally and very gently pick each string while depressing the string, again gently, at the 12th fret, each string should tune the same as it tuned with open strings earlier if a fretted 12th string reads flat on your tuner you move that saddle forward just a tad, if sharp move saddle back a tiny bit, realizing that you will need to retune again as open string and then again at 12th fret for each saddle movement setting intonation is not at all difficult, just be patient and gentle and you will figure it out quickly
  14. norton

    Am I crazy?

    I say do it, why shouldn't you have what you want anyway?
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