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  1. i'm HOPING this is only a rumor. some BS internet scheme.
  2. There are headlines on the web regarding Malcom Youngs well being. WTF is going on? Here's to hoping he's ok, and that his family is OK.
  3. that is an AMAZING guitar!!!!!!!!!
  4. The guitar, it can be argued, is definitely a vehicle. There is a parallel to a players axe modifications & upgrades to a hot rod car. I am just now discovering the new sounds with using a Floyd Rose. Thus reading up on all the mods. Aftermarket Sustain Big Blocks, Three different sizes, 42mm, 37mm, 32mm. Six different shapes. titanium trem saddles, German steel, (avail with the straight up Floyd Rose and not to be confused with the Floyd Rose® Special Bridge), The D-Tuna, Additional Springs, STeel springs, Brass Springs The list goes on and on. What mods have you all done to your guitar collection. Which ones are snake oil & what actually did the job for you?
  5. his songwriting was amazing up until Danzig 4. I can listen to anything from the Samhain era. since 1995 its been, well... meh. still a pretty good live act. when he's not being an asshole.
  6. RS1976


    Hey Cap. Its a RRXMG. made in indonesia w/the FR bridge made in S. Korea. 24 frets. After its setup we have great action & intonation. Looking forward to posting clips of the project in time. Its a dog to sit down & play however. Wonder if those steinberger blades work on it?
  7. RS1976


    as of yesterday evening I own a V. Jackson. what a machine. I've never been hip to EMGs, nor a Floyd Rose system. OK actually this is a "Floyd Rose Special" but after the advice of some mondo cool forum members, and YT Tutorials, I've set her up, intonation, and she plays quite beautifully. It was not as hard to get her up & running as I had anticipated. It was actually quite enjoyable to learn how to get the guitar ready. Its for a new project. Needed a guitar with clean, yet high output pups. and EMGs are clear considering how much they scream when played through overdrive. Was a m.f. Condition 1. Scored it with an additional 10% off. surprisingly since it was a used item usually they don't go lower, but they chose to in this case. OTD and to my doorstep for 578. When it arrived packaging was cool and guitar was in good shape, but there was some adhesive on the guitar and looked like someone had put maybe stickers on it, but didn't remove the residue. i called to mention it to them and they offered to send me a new one, or a $50 credit for any additional gack. I choose cleaner kit & nine sets of ernie ball .09s shoulda held out and demanded an ATA case. ah well. anyhow, this is a great guitar. Again I've never owned a jackson, unfamilar with EMGs, but so far roll back the tone and toss on some delay and we're there. I don't do dive bombs, but I do like the ability to use a trem when needed w/out fear of tuning issues. which btw, I hear there are upgrades for trem systems. for instance better materials, screws etc. I can only imagine what a 2K RR Custom would be like. As this guitar with a little TLC is like butter.
  8. RS1976


    congratulations! but... its never over.
  9. many thanks Ryan. Much appreciated!
  10. pulled the trigger on a Non-Gibby V for a project I'll be working on in the coming weeks. I actually bought an electric guitar with a Floyd Rose system and the EMGs for what they can do. While I'm very hip to the Bigsby & do all my own guitar work, this FR system is entirely new for me. Guitars are tools, and while my trusty hammer is good for somethings, it doesn't do what I'll need for the upcoming job. I've looked around on other forums, watched some You Tube videos, and as of now The Framus FR turorial has the most straight forward vid. I ask forum members here to shine light on the learning curve of the FR system. Is it really that hard to change strings? to change one string? is the FR system really a Murphy's Law of a guitar apparatus? How did you learn? Is action going to be that much of a dog to adjust?
  11. Ruta Maya Coffee check out these dudes...
  12. I love this interview as there's so much information about the back stabbings of show business. also what it means symbolically about The Arden's trying to erase a vital part of music history. hope you all get something out of it. Bob Daisley interview December 2013
  13. Peace be upon you and your family during this time. I read your post with tears in my eyes, because I know very well what you are going through. We went through this pain very, very recently. Peace be upon you and your family in knowing that you all did everything you could. That Goliath came into your life to change you for the better is incredible. Keep those precious memories close, brother. Will keep you all in my prayers. RS
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