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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am a fragile and tender woman who needs a strong and reliable, SEXsexual partner.

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    Kisses Guitar Fundi

  2. My .02 I bought a Southern Jumbo new online because it had the fatter neck I was looking for and when I got it the tone was just not what I wanted, some of it was but not the low thump E string I wanted, etc. but guitar was gorgeous and had a fattish neck. I went through the usual lets try 50 different string types, started with the Gibson Masterbuilt Premium PB 12s and 50 different sets later decided almost full circle on the Gibson Masterbuilt Premium PB 13s, LOL. Tone still not what I thought I was paying for, but in first 8 weeks the guitar really opened up VERY noticeably that it gave me hope and 18 months later the low E is there! Tone is brilliant! If the guitar out of the case isn't tonally perfect... play the strings off of it for at least a year and give the guitar a chance to open up... also it won't open up if you don't play it ;-) Good Luck and God Bless!
  3. I don't care for Maple B/S normally, but I was able to play a Wildwood Iron Mountain AJ with Maple B/S one time with friends and we were all blown away by it! I had to work in UT an MT an the plan was to swing down to Wildwood which I looked forward to for months and then bc of schedule had to drive by it on a Sunday (closed) still bummed.
  4. Yes Wildwood Guitars puts in the spec list the Neck Depth at the first and ninth frets. Distance from top of fretboard to back of neck. It is VERY helpful for those of us who desire/require specific neck depths. It makes me really appreciate Wildwood Guitars because it shows they really want you to get what "you want" and not just "selling" to you. A neck with a first fret Neck Depth of .79 vs .93 is often the differences... quite significant! I prefer first fret depth of .89-.93 & Modified V or V ;-)
  5. Something that was explained to me once and I am not an "in the know" expert, but the early Gibson's sound board wood was of trees that were older/denser trees and they needed to be braced lighter also and that you can't really duplicate the early Gibson's without that wood which does not exist. So, bracing was changed to deal with different available top wood characteristics and not to re-voice the guitars. Evidently Adi wood is as close as you can get... just repeating info, but it sounds like it has credence to it.
  6. Tried to attach a video... is that a "no go"? Said it was too large... not sure how to make it smaller or do this correctly at all... is there a FAQ section that explains these things? My computer-foo is weak ;-(
  7. All I know is you and your wife are now in my Top Ten Coolest People in the World Club!
  8. Its a toss up between Setzer and Joe
  9. Gibson S-1 I new someone else that bought one of these for $1250 and they LOOOOOVED it... I have always been curious to own one as they evidently are very Strat-like, but a Gibson... and pretty cool looking inexpensive electrics. Here is Angel Olsen playing one on Letterman Ron Wood in the original advertisement with a review http://vintage-guitars.blogspot.com/2005/10/gibson-s-1.html https://reverb.com/item/36983-gibson-s-1-1978-mahogany-all-original http://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Gibson-S-1-/262642610735?hash=item3d26b8322f:g:SaQAAOSw8w1X2tfG Oh, since its kind of a beater guitar, why not just add the G-Force Tuners https://reverb.com/item/2920569-gibson-g-force-automatic-tuning-system-2015?_aid=pla&pla=1&gclid=CJb0qp7Wrs8CFQ-oaQod7p8F5Q
  10. I have been told that others think it might be a Groove Tube? Thanks for your info! I will keep exploring this!
  11. I have listened to this with my Beyer DT 770 Pro headphones and I can hear these guitars more pure and true than any other Youtube recording ever. Can anyone identify the mic used and maybe elaborate on how they achieved this level of pure/true and clarity of sound over Youtube? You can see the mic at 0.57 and several other times. Thanks and God Bless!
  12. This is the best mic'd/recorded review I have ever heard. You can really hear the guitar as if you were there. I want both! Can anyone tell me what mic is used?
  13. This is the best mic'd/recorded of a review of these two.
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