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  1. rich1978


    hopefully i'll get the best seat's [lol] [lol]
  2. i agree mate he can play but a bucket?? if ya got that talent why hide behind a kfc bucket
  3. I could do with some kfc right now
  4. should be intresing what slash do with song's Chinese democ forgive the spelling the light's blown near were my computer it is and I can't see s'''
  5. was it just me or was jame's havin an angus moment at the end? of the vid
  6. rich1978


    anybody on here got acdc tickets for 4th june at qe Olympic?
  7. well done mate they look really sweet [thumbup] [thumbup] what's happening with ya blue double cut
  8. my hearts with ya. can't think who said it but "the guitar is a good way of expressing ya self" it's worked for me! lock ya self a away couple of hour's a bang out some awesome tunes
  9. Always wanted to learn but they are way expensive.... you telling me a lp ain't mate I can see what ya thinking the sax is a very cool
  10. just a daft thought! if the guitar hadn't been invented what would you want to play?
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