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  1. Man. I appreciate all the replies. Thats what I like about Gibson players. Well, actually... I don't see a connection there. None whatsoever. But you see how all the drummers remained silent. But its funny because I finally bit the bullet. And then I replaced my 9s with 10s, one at a time. I could feel the difference in each string as I pulled them from the paper envelopes. And feeding them through the tailpiece. I didn't like how they felt. Stiff as wire. And wrapping them around the tuners was like wrapping a broomstick around your leg. But once I finished and got them all tuned up, they were quite comfortable and sounded really good. Up until I hit a clean channel with a touch of chorus. Then it was Heaven. And you flip it to the neck pickup, or right in the middle where you get the neck and bridge... Man. Like Heaven. But more Heaveny. Like if Heaven had a Heaven, this is what it would sound like. And I didn't make any changes to anything. It still plays perfectly. Mihcmac hit it on the head. Man, I hope I'm pronouncing his name right. And Wild Bill 212 had to bring up points. I had just been fighting with the points on my 71 Mustang. They almost got me. But thanks to the new and improved electronic ignition, the points lost. Thanks to all. I appreciate your wisdom. Happy New Year, yo.
  2. Theres nearly 20,000 different topics in Gibson USA, so please don't murder my family if this topic has already been covered. Well... Lets just say that if you really have to, let me know in advance because I might give you the nod on one or two of them. But I was gonna throw a set of Ernie Burt regular slinkies (10-46) on my 1980 Les Paul Custom that hasn't worn strings that heavy in over three decades. The guitar is set up perfectly (as in I've never had to make any adjustments on it in the 32 years we've been together) and I'm worried that I may mess up a beautiful thing. I just wanna throw these strings on to see how they play and feel. If it's gonna mess anything up, it aint worth it. I've got 9s on there now. Thanks. Keep the change.
  3. Yes, I've got a beautiful '79 model at a guitar show in Arlington, Texas in the mid nineties. It was standing right next to a Rickenbacker 4080 doubleneck 4/6 like Geddy's black bastard from the 70's. When I saw those two side by side and I was in heaven. I wanted to run up and hug them both. So I did. Like a crazy person hugging a block of cheese. Then suddenly I realized that my heaven was short lived and I was in the Uturn lane because both of those beautiful beasts were the same damn price. Luckily, I chose the right one. If I had gotten the Ric, I woulda never gotten the 4001 I got the following year, which I really wanted anyway. But thats not what you asked. My EDS 1275 is the brownish color and it's the style without the super long 12 string headstock. It's the shorter, more proportionate kind. But I forgot your other questions. Oh. The type of music I play with it. Well I haven't pulled it out of its case in a decade, but most of the stuff I played was kinda like Pantera meets some dude who should be beaten with his own guitar. I would fool around with the tradional songs you're supposed to play with that guitar, but I'd mostly play heavier stuff on the six. What do I like about it? It's mine. And it is beautiful to look at. I think of it as more of a novelty than a serious addition to your toolbox. Unless you're writing songs like Stairway and California and you need to be able to do them live when you start your world tour. Or if your in the club scene doing covers. The guitar does add two marks to the universal coolness scale just for having one. And you can pretty much bet that at least 3 drunk guys are gonna say something stupid about the neck to arm ratio. And as far as being top heavy goes, try stringing about 200 helium filled party balloons. Dither that or a really thick and stiff strap that you've beenwearing since high school on a good heavy Les Paul. Its already bent into position. And right now theres this sweet little thing standing in front of me, so... Yeah. I'm gonna do what you would do, so I'm signing off. Later, fellas.
  4. Hello, just curious, so what are the things you like?

  5. Now i look like an idiot. I couldn't get my post to post. And now i need to delete the last to posts. I dont want anyone to think theres an echo echo. Or worse... Im a stuttererer. Not that theres anything wrong with stutterers. I used to stutter when I got nervous. And I couldn't stand in front of my 2nd grade class without wetting my pants. Thats what pretty much ended my teaching career. BUT HOW DO I DELETE? Sorry to yell.
  6. When I was a wee little lad scoping out the artwork on my brothers Kiss Alive album cover, I remember seeing something that caught me eye. It said, "Kiss uses Gibson guitars because they deserve the best" It was at that moment when I became more aware of other Gibson players. Peter Frampton is one. That one guy from that one band. Oh, you know... They did that song about a sweater or something. And something about immigrants and lemon juice and they did one talking about the way his mom moved that made her sweat or something like that. Led something. Or something. And then you have bands like Rush and everybody else from the 70s. They all played the best guitars in the world. And so do I. First Gibson I ever got was a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom. The Black Beauty. The Fretless Wonder. Call it what you will. I just call it mine. That was back in 1985. And I still have that bad boy. I keep it within arms reach. In 86 my dad made a deal with me. He said, "AnubisXII, you can have anything you want. Anything at all". And I was like, "YES!!! Hell yeah!!" "But you gotta be willing to work for it" "Dang". So the following year, we went in on an SG. Pawn shop special for 250. And that was the day I realized that theres gold in them there pawn shops. For a decent price too. And then they invented the Pawn Shop Equalizer. AKA the Internet. Now everything everywhere is the same price. And none of it is a good deal. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Unless I change it. But if I do, I'm sticking to it until then. Because that's how I roll.
  7. Oh. And I've had the guitar for 32 years. It was born in 1980.
  8. Kidblast: You"re telling me, man. It totally blows my mind. Even moreso now that I see by everyones replies that this is something that is pretty much unheard of.
  9. Man, you people are pretty incredible. I appreciate all the replies. And a couple unanswered questions on my part... There is no sunlight on the guitar at all. And as far as humidity goes... Its the Dallas area and it plays such an insignificant role in our every day lives, I don't even think its ever mentioned during the weather forecast. But after doing a little reading on the subject, I would have to say that it's between 55 and 68%. Thats just a guess though. Its not muggy at all, but its not Arizona dry. Its comfortable.
  10. No. No sunlight. It's been years since it's seen the great outdoors. I dont get it. But... I just remembered that a long time ago -at least 15 years ago- I walked into my home studio where I had it leaning against the wall (face first) and the carpet was wet from a friggen A/C leak. There was a fine little crack between the body and the binding, so I set her on the table under alight bulb just in case some moisture got up inside there as an attempt to slowly dry it out. But people play in the rain all the time. Gibsons don't care about the rain. Whenever and wherever you wanna play, a Gibson can handle it. But I would never do that. She stays inside every day, all the time. Im worried about the binding though. And Im worried about what to do. I'm also wondering why it happened. But do I try glueing it and putting a clamp on it? Sorry for the drawn out answer, but this is my baby. And Im worried.
  11. Heartbreaking. I've always believed that you should keep your friends close and your Gibsons closer. And it doesn't hurt to have a little practice amp close by too. So I get home from work the other day and copped a squat on my couch like I always do. And I looked over at my beautiful Black Beauty like I have for 32 wonderful years, and there's a friggen split in the top. From binding to binding. A friggen split. It's enough to make you puke. I don't know what could have happened. I keep it at a constant temperature in here (73-78 degrees) and the humidity is at an unnoticeable level. I've never dropped her, never even let her tip over or slide down the wall. And I come home to a split top. Man, I don't know if it's a split or a crack. And I certainly don't know what to do about it.
  12. hey, J-PPP. That is kinda reminiscent to the case that came with my 79 E2. But my case has been spray painted black and the latches have been replaced with what looks like the latches off an old suitcase. Primo craftsmanship (not). Seeing your case makes me wonder if Gibson had a "One size fits all" type case for those who, I don't know... somehow lost their case or drove over it with their car or something. Or screwed it up by replacing the hardware with the hinges and latches off dads old Samsonite. I don't know. It also looks a lot like my SG case (but my SG case is black), so that may support my "One size fits all" theory. We both know its not a LP case. So maybe Gibson did have a good, non-custom, rectangular case that would hold a huge number of electric git-fiddles, just in case the owners original case were to strangely disappear. But I have no idea. Hopefully someone can answer your question. I'm thinking the case is non-specific. I forgot what your question was. I thought you were wondering about what model the case was for. D'oh! I don't know the age, but I would think its value would be about 75 bucks. But I have no idea what cases go for now. But if I needed a rectangular flight case, I would happily pay 75 bucks for it.
  13. Here's a couple more pics. You can see where the guitar has absorbed my drool and sweat. That's what really makes me wonder why anyone would not have anything protecting it. Without finish, it's just not finished. And you can kinda see where the pawn shop price tag was when I got the thing over 20 years ago. And the other pic is of the cavity. Man. If this guitar had finish on it when it left the factory, someone was crazy anti-finish. You'd have to be really really psycho to not want finish on there to go through whatever this guy did to get rid of it all. Like it was UFO spy finish or something.
  14. Here's a couple pics. Trying to add a couple more. And I had to black out (or red out) a couple digits in the serial number just to keep myself from wondering why I posted a photo of the serial number. But that one is to show that it isn't a second. Man. It was nice to have it out of its case again. Its got such a good feel. And its amazing how a Gibson hangs just like a Gibson when you strap one on. This is shaped nothing like my LP Custom or SG, but it's balanced perfectly to hang just like them. The right hand naturally positions itself where it does on all my beloved Gibsons. Well... Except for the EDS 1275 for obvious reasons. Oh.. My acoustic and EB-O hang differently too. Well, maybe not the EB-O. I'm gonna have to check. It is short-scale, but I don't use a pic on bass, so I never really thought too much about that one.
  15. <BTW, we are talking about the E2 with the multi-piece maple and mahogany body and neck, right? Is it marked as a second or have a 2 below the serial number? > Yes. The guitar in question is the multi-piece maple and mahogany body and neck. And I even got out a magnifying glass to look for that 2 you were asking about. There isn't one. And as with most of my Gibsons, it's a 79, not 80. I don't know why I was thinking it was an 80.
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