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  1. Yes, I researched it enough and find that the 2011 studio has a solid mahogany body and it should have hat knobs on it, so I ordered them, Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for your help, could not even find a listing from Gibson anymore on it, I have owned quite a few Les Pauls from the 1970's until today and it seems like all of them have had different things than they had said, the last Custom I bought was in 2017 and it was brand new and it did not have the pickups they said it came with that is why I am not sure about this used guitar I bought, but thanks for your help!
  3. I just bought this 2011 Gibson Studio Nighthawk and should be receiving it soon, What is the body made out of, some places say mahogany others say poplar which is it? They also show hat knobs on them and this one has speed knobs and it is suppose to be all original. I am Confused! Can anyone help?
  5. Thanks for the help, That is the way I wired it, Thanks for the help, no more is needed. bemb
  6. I have a LP with only a bridge pickup, it is a 2 wire pickup, 1 ground and a 1 hot, 1 Vol and ! tone Pot, I have a burstbucker bridge pup that I want to install it has 1 braided ground a black a green a red and white wirecan anyone tell me what is the best way to get this to the 2 wires I need to connect it back to the pot? I would appreciate any help, I have seen a couple of different diags, one has the black and braided to ground on the pot, the green and white soldered together and the red to the pot, is this correct or is there another way. Thanks Mike
  7. They Said It Is Definitely a Carved Maple Top.
  8. Thanks for the reply, I have decided to sell the pickups and leave the originals in the LP, I did buy 2 different cover sets for them, a full cover and an open center cover, the opens look good on them because it leaves the df open to see and just provide a border around them and the full cover looks good too. I bought them from philadelphia luthiers. Any how thanks for the input.
  9. I have a set of Gibson Dirty Finger Pickups and want to put them into a nickel no hole pickup cover, is there anything special I need to do before soldering it in, like maybe but a piece of tape over the pole pieces. If anyone knows, fire back at me! I am thinking off covering the pole pieces so they dont contact the metal and cause me any problems. Thanks in Advance!
  10. All The Classic Features Of A Les Paul Custom With A Stunning Limited Run Tiger Fade Premium Flame Top. The 24 ¾-Inch Scale Length Neck Is Also Made From One Solid Piece Of Mahogany Then Topped By A 22-Fret Richlite® Fingerboard Outfitted With Pearl Block Inlays And Given Gibson's Traditional Rounded Profile. The Pickups Are Gibson's 496R In The Neck Position And The 498T In The Bridge Position. Other Appointments Include Locking Grover Tuners, Schaller Strap Locks With Gibson Strap, A Extremely Nice Schaller Roller Bridge With Three Way Adjustment, Probably The Best Roller Bridge Made, Locking Tailpiece Bolts, New Gibson Strings .009 Thru .046, Newly Orange Dropped Controls With Semi Clear Cover, Making This Guitar Sound Even Better, Multi-Ply White And Black Binding On Both The Top And Back, 1 11/16" Nut Width. Solid Mahogany Body With Carved Maple Top. Gibson Lifton Case With Accessories And COA, (A REAL CUSTOM WITH DIAMOND INLAY ON HEAD STOCK, CS SERIAL NUMBER, PEARL BLOCK INLAYS AND DUAL MULTI-PLY BINDING!) What A Beautiful Guitar And Adjusted Perfectly, This Is A $5000.00 Guitar And Will Only Go Up In Value In The Years To Come! Weight Relieved To 9 lbs 6 oz, There Is A Very Small Ding Above The Tail Piece AS Noted By The Pointer In The Picture And On The Back At The Lower Bout, Very Hard To See Because They Are so Small and It Did Not Chip The Paint.) Dog Tags With Guitar Serial Number And Year Model Included. The Condition, I Give It A 9 Out Of 10. Shipping Will Include Full Insurance Coverage! I Will Include Covers For Cavities And Original Bridge. Shipping To Lower 48 States Only. Guitar Has Very Little Playing Time! I Would Like To Get $3850.00 But May Except Another Offer! $65.00 Shipping. Call Me At 919 498 2361 or use my email mbembenek51@gmail.com
  12. It is hard to find the proper information about a certain model of guitar, I purchased this brand new and now I find the listing for the guitar to be wrong, for example it said that it had a 498t in the bridge which is correct and 490R in the neck but has a 496R in the neck, it says it is weight relief but weighs in at 9.6 lbs which is not weight relieved, it says it has a hand carved maple top but how can I tell, it is a beautiful guitar but with questions. Is it: 1 WEIGHT RELIEVED 2 IS THE TOP HAND CARVED AND HOW CAN I TELL, I recently put it up for sale and someone emailed me and said it is not a hand carved top that gibson has not done that in awhile, is he correct?
  13. Ending this post Thank You for the replies, (My Mistake 2005 started the 9 digit serials)
  14. Thank you, I have made all the adjustments and set the schaller roller bridge, I have one of these on my 2017 LP Custom that I bought new in 2017 and put one on that guitar and I have to say this is probably the best roller bridge out there, 3 way adjustment, perfect intonation, string height and string placement on the neck and pickup, I still am not sure on the pickups if they are factory or not, I just sold my 2018 Pelham Blue Classic but it had p90,s however I had a 2014 Wine red Classic and it had uncovered pickups so I will see if someone has soldered these on or if they came that way, I contacted the owner that I bought it from and I believe he bought it from guitar center which sells the 490 & 498 covered in chrome nickel gold or bare in black or zebra so I will see, anyhow thanks for the comment!
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