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  1. Hey folks! Shot another Epiphone shootout - this is a standard Casino back to back with a Riviera Custom p93. Enjoy! Jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz23QMJu1TY
  2. Thanks everyone, appreciate all the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the video.
  3. Hey folks Here is a fun feature video I did using three different Epiphone Casinos for various blues - enjoy! Epiphone Casino Blues Cheers Jack
  4. Just finished another Epiphone demo! This one is the 339 Pro (Humbucker) - Enjoy! Jack
  5. Glad you enjoyed the demo! Congratulations on the new guitar.
  6. Hey everyone! Shot a new demo of my Casino Coupe - Enjoy! Jack
  7. Hello Don't know if you saw the other thread, but the Coupe/339 shootout is up! Hope it helps! Jack
  8. Hey folks Here is the next video I mentioned! A Casino Coupe versus an ES339 pro: Hope you all enjoy, and hope its helpful for those on the fence - Jack
  9. Thank you! I definitely think there's a place for each -- responses have been pretty mixed, and I can see how either could fit many different players better. I personally like both. The coupe is great for sitting and playing, and sometimes the slight added punchiness translates better in recording. But the big open richness and traditional look of the original are hard to beat.
  10. Hey All! I'm new to the Gibson forum, have been posting in Epiphone for a while (Casino enthusiast). Anyway, I wanted to share this with everyone - recently got a 2011 Gibson ES335 which I converted to late 1958 specs (sort of) with an elongated pickguard, Grover Tulip Tuners, a Tone Man Guitar custom 50s wiring harness with vintage Russian PIO Caps and Porter Anthem PAFs with nickel covers. Into my Marshall JTM45 Bluesbreaker (bright channel), and using a Keeley Hooke Reverb as well as a Keeley Katana Blues Drive ~ I have a nice little collection of Gibsons including an SG/Les
  11. Hey all As a Casino enthusiast, I've done several comparison videos, and my latest is a shootout between the Standard & Coupe. Hope you all enjoy! And hope its helpful if any of you are on the fence as to witch one you'll buy. Personally I think they're both great guitars. I also previously did a shootout between the Casino & Elitist Casino, which I've shared before, but just in case you missed it: I also currently own a 339 Pro, so I'm planning a shootout between the 339 & Coupe, very soon. Cheers All! Jack
  12. Yes, that was mine - thanks for the kind words! Sometimes I forget how much I like the Casinos. Everytime I plug them in I get the same reaction, its like I "rediscover it" every time I play it again. I posted this one in another thread, but for any of you interested, I also did a new video comparing the standard Casino with the Elitist Casino - the tuners on the Elitist are different and there were some pickguard changes, but the guitars wiring, pickup & tonally are exactly as you'd get them at a store: Thanks again! Jack
  13. Thanks everyone! Glad you're all enjoying it. The Standard definitely holds its own, its a great guitar. The tone of the Elitist is slightly darker and woodier, and has a touch more liveliness, but overall they're both excellent. The other thing you'll tend to get with the Elitist is higher quality wood (the back of the guitar, which I didn't video tape, is stunning) and the Grover tuners, better quality electronic, etc. Plus the purple plush case lining! I wouldn't sell or trade either of these guitars though, and I've used them both in the studio, they both stack up against guitars t
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