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  1. Somebody mentioned the Taylor GS. I was pretty much of the opinion that Taylors did not interest me at all (and this is after having owned a 110 dreadnaught), then a while back I was in a store and picked up a GS (if memory serves, it has been a while). I was really surprised. It did not sound like the typical Taylor. It had more depth and warmth to the sound. It was the first time I had heard a Taylor that sounded like that. I have not sought one out since, but would be open minded if one came my way. I have to say that I think that Collings guitars are over-rated. Maybe not the most over-rated guitars in the world, but I don't think they live up to the hype and price tag. They are impeccably built, I will give them that, but their sound always leaves me cold. I have played quite a few of them, and always have the same impression. Not really sure what it is about them that I don't care for, but I don't envy those that own them.
  2. I know this thread has gotten off topic, and appologies to the OP, but... I am currently on a business trip and thus can't check my copy of Gibson's Fabulous Flat Tops, but perhaps there is a reference in there that someone can look at regarding the use of Indian vs. Brazilian rosewood on the original AJs.
  3. As far as I am aware, the originals in the 1930s were made with Indian Rosewood, not Brazilian. My AJ is great! I had wanted one for a long time. Then one day four years ago I walked into Guitar Center and they were blowing them out for $1500! They had three of them. I played all three and chose the best one. I even had a $50 off coupon, so got it for $1450! I still love the guitar! I agree with the above post that the "Historic Collection" is just a marketing thing and the guitar is probably no different than any other AJ.
  4. I watch out for these on eBay on occasion. I think I have only ever seen one on there, and the price was high for a used guitar. I have only gotten to play a JB once, and was blown away by it! I would love to have one. I do hope they become more common on the used market, but I also have been wondering how well they are selling in the first place. As for 60% of new price being a good mark for a used guitar, there was a thread recently where people were talking about their expectations on used guitar prices. Seemed to be several people who said their expectation is about 55% of the new price, so I don't think you are off. Well, off to the guitar store right now to buy some strings. Maybe I will fondle a beauty or two while I am there!
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