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  1. I have one in Vintage Sunburst or Tobacco Burst or whatever it's called. I agree that they aren't seen often. I bought it late in 06 for 499$ US. There's a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck. I've never seen one in blue. EDIT: Wikipedia says the only color they came in is Vintage Sunburst, that's what I have. But it lists the hardware as gold, mine is not. It's chrome.
  2. Well geez, I just had a blast running through the Irongear website. I really like those Hot Slags. I like the Rolling Mill too.
  3. I doubt very much that the pickups are different. I personally own a G400 Deluxe and I was very close to selling it because I couldnt get a tone I liked out of it. Eventually I installed an old Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and it changed it so much I couldnt believe my ears. I still have that guitar, and just recently put a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck position. Just give those stock pups an honest shot then decide for yourself.
  4. I believe they're the same pups. Or at the very least voiced very similar.
  5. Cool jam!...I don't have any experience with either the t-rex or the line 6 echo park but it sounds good.
  6. I was in Guitar Center in Orlando today and they had a identical Les Paul as your link for 799. Don't know whats up with the Amazon price.
  7. Here's one http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-EPI-ENT6-LIST brand new 799 USD.
  8. I see they've introduced the new Prophecy line. Not really my thing but they must have been popular to do another generation. I myself kinda like the old school stuff cause I'm a old school guy.
  9. For that style music they sound great. For rock\hard rock\metal I think theyre atrocious and couldnt wait to remove them from my SG. But there's that age old argument about tone and all.
  10. Welcome aboard, Happy New Guitar Day and enjoy it! I personally like the EMG pickups. Some people crack on them but I think they sound good.
  11. Wow, good work! Now I see why the wife is so understanding! Mine is too but she has a limit.
  12. Ah yes, the wine red Les Paul, a real stunner! I think they look awesome with the gold hardware. Welcome to you as well!
  13. Where'd you come across the Explorer with those fingerboard inlays? I've only seen the dots, just curious. Nice collection by the way and welcome aboard!
  14. Im afraid to purchase one of these for fear the dreaded Korina disease shall strike me. Great looking guitar and HNGD!
  15. AHA!........winner,winner!!
  16. I for one am glad he fell back in his own B.S. And if I was any of those other long standing middle eastern dictators I'd be feeling a bit nervous right now. Hussein-check Bin Laden-check Khadaffi-check ......................next!.....hmmmmm.....Hugo Chavez (not middle eastern) but a stir stick none-the-less.
  17. Ronnie Dio.....if your counting the dearly departed.
  18. I've seen Les Paul Studios in arctic white with ebony boards also. I have no idea why Gibson does this with their white guitars.
  19. Ebay possibly. Warmoth.com There's plenty of websites out there that sell aftermarket guitar parts.
  20. 500K pots are the standard for humbucker pickups. EMG uses something different because they're active I suppose. You'll probably need to replace the output jack also. I think they use a stereo jack or something like that.
  21. Sounds like a bad connection to me. Get in that control cavity and poke around to see if theres a change.
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