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    I had a 2012 les Paul classic custom-baked maple board n one of the best av played on👍
  2. Yeh welcome man, just hold your guitar all the time get comfortable with it and eventually it will be a fifth limb connected to your brain👍
  3. Died I meant,lol,predictive text pffffffff
  4. Weird how the band died and 20 people survived,,that’s a bit sketchy,the only other two who ride where the pilots that got the full impact,,sad times
  5. Yeh man,back to the future nailed it for me,lol
  6. Joe is very technical with a pinch of old soul,,he is good,,I’m a fan,,for 40 years old he can really play🤘
  7. It plays better than those 3 easily and has coil split it has the peter green out of phase and a bypass pot so more versatility as well 🤘👀
  8. I’ve been playing her for two days now after work guys n girls n this plays better than my 2015 traditional my 2011 standard and better than my 2012 classic custom and the classic custom used to be number 1,,so I’m well happy,thanks for your comments guys🤘
  9. I had to go up the loft and find my favourite picks,hadn’t used them in 2 or 3 years,,I’ve sold most of my Les Pauls and bought a house,I knew there was something missing and shopped around abit n managed to find this one so am well happy,just trying to get myself back to where I left off🤘
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