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  1. https://www.harmonycentral.com/expert-reviews/guitars/gibson-les-paul-standard-2017-t-and-hp-r550/
  2. All, Regarding the "T" in Les Paul Standard T what does the T stand for? Thank You - Doug
  3. Looks like you're getting a little low on Gibbies there, @gnappi. Better hit the Interwebs and pick up a few more! 🤣
  4. You found this Craigs List? Folks must be P.O.'d at Reverb for raising their rates.
  5. ...and 701st in a "production run".
  6. Hey Stratocaste. Charlie over there @ OK Guitars might be of some help. He's super friendly, super knowledgeable (no shade on J45nick) and always willing to talk 335s - especially the old ones! http://www.es-335.org/
  7. Wow Nick! You really know your 335s!
  8. Not sure how many Euro's to the buck but for 600 of them you'd have really dig that blue berry, eh?
  9. That's a reference to the laminate top on the guitar. Specifically to the wood grain that can be seen through the finish.
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