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  1. From Jacob Stutzman over there at Sweetwater... Upper bout: 10 5/32" Waist: 8 1/8" Lower Bout: 14 5/32" Body thickness: 1 9/16"
  2. yes, sir. If you like it, buy it. Just vet the seller.
  3. Looks legit, Rednef. Although, Guitar Dater Project cannot find serial #'s that begin with ME, I have seen then on Reverb. I just don't remember which model. Is this a '63 reissue?
  4. Also, when pickup switch is in the MIDDLE position (both pups), turn EITHER volume knob off disables BOTH pups. This is kinda like a master volume feature.
  5. https://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p447/dougclavell/es-137frontfar_zpsdilgai3e.jpg.html
  6. PERFECT! This will do JUST fine if I ever find myself gigging at Spaghettinni...
  7. Yes. I've seen a few examples and the holes stick out unless the entire guitar has been refinished. Show stopper!
  8. Just answered my own question. (What is this - Stack Overflow ???) Anyway a pic on Reverb clearly shows a 1981 with a great view of the bottom of the body. The Trap is affixed to the strap button with two additional holes to boot. Installation, therefore, would constitute a virtually irreversible modification. Other than that I reckon the stop piece pins would unscrew leaving metal studs in he body, eh? I could screw in some wooden "dowels" or push in some plastic pieces of flair like...crazy daisies or the like.
  9. Soooooooo.... Supposing I want to convert me Gibby to a trap tail. Does Trapeze use the strap pin hole? Do the stop piece pins unscrew? Thank you. - Gampa (I am not a crackpot)
  10. I always use D'Addario XL Nickel Wound 10 gauge on my 335 and have used same on a 339 a had a couple of years ago. They give the best general all-around tone of all the strings I've tried. That would be the aforementioned and Gibson Bright-wires.
  11. DUDE! That totally blows! Glad you were able to see it for what it was before initiating the transaction.
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