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  1. gampadoug


    Here is a link to a 2019 "dot" 335. Nothing special - just a satin 335. At the bottom, under accessories, it clearly states that a COA is included. So Gibson , in there infinite wisdom, have decided to scrap the COA gig. My opinion is that so many get lost ( "I'll put this in the back of my home office desk drawer so I don't lose it" ) with the resultant loss of resale value , that Gibson has decided to eliminate them and save the headache all together. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2019/Memphis/ES-335-Dot-2019.aspx
  2. gampadoug


    Every 335 I have ever purchased, including 2009, 2014, 2015, and two 2016's have had COA's. These were dots, satins, limiteds, etc.
  3. gampadoug


    seems like they have some slack-*** underlings answering emails during these times.
  4. gampadoug


    I queried Gibson customer support and what follows is the extremely detailed, well thought out, and informative reply </sarc> Hi, The Gibson USA made ES models do not come with COA's. Thanks. Jon Customer Service Gibson Brands, Inc. 1-800-4GIBSON service@gibson.com
  5. PLM53, A couple of years ago I posed a similar question on the Gibson web site and someone emailed me back stating the ES-335's only shipped with COA's from 2008 on. Beware of unscrupulous sales folks telling you that Gibson may reissue a missing COA. Not true and we don't want them to.
  6. gampadoug


    Is Gibson issuing COA's for 2020 ES guitars. There does not seem to be a means of asking these types of questions on their web site.
  7. Does Gibson issue Certificates of Authenticity for Les Pauls like they do for the Electric Spanish line?
  8. Yeah. We can get away with the neck being connected were it is on the LP's as they have a larger cutout for our pudgy little finners! I had the walnut "standard" 330 and it cramped my style as well. I notice the ears my mine are tapered when compared to the 335 or even your "L" 330. - Gampa
  9. I've had two 137'. One black and one tobacco burst or sun burst or whatever. Both were the best sounding gits I've ever owned and LOVE the Blues Burst finish! They were just too big for me and, after two attempts to get used to them, I simply could not. Having hardware in my starboard shoulder does not help. As for the the reference some-ware above regarding the finish being "typical Gibson Garbage" I would say they were both typical Gibson alright. Absolutely perfect in every detail and quite beautiful!
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