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  1. Yes, "rounded C profile. So, I think we can conclude that this profile is not what most 335's come with now. thanx
  2. legacy.gibson.com show it.
  3. Howdy ES Brothers and Sisters. Question: I have a 2019 ES-335 with dog ear P90's and a really big, fat, baseball bat neck. Is this neck profile a trend for Gibson or just my model? Thanx, Gampa Doug
  4. https://www.harmonycentral.com/expert-reviews/guitars/gibson-les-paul-standard-2017-t-and-hp-r550/
  5. All, Regarding the "T" in Les Paul Standard T what does the T stand for? Thank You - Doug
  6. Looks like you're getting a little low on Gibbies there, @gnappi. Better hit the Interwebs and pick up a few more! 🤣
  7. You found this Craigs List? Folks must be P.O.'d at Reverb for raising their rates.
  8. ...and 701st in a "production run".
  9. Hey Stratocaste. Charlie over there @ OK Guitars might be of some help. He's super friendly, super knowledgeable (no shade on J45nick) and always willing to talk 335s - especially the old ones! http://www.es-335.org/
  10. Wow Nick! You really know your 335s!
  11. Not sure how many Euro's to the buck but for 600 of them you'd have really dig that blue berry, eh?
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