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  1. gampadoug

    ES339 ID

    I traded emails with someone at Gibson a couple years ago who stated that COA's were shipped with ES guitars beginning in 2008. I don't know if LP's are the same but ES's for sure.
  2. Here's one on Reverb... https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=2017 gibson es-335 memphis limited edition
  3. gampadoug

    New Es335

    @bobouz: Indeed to say that, currently and anything other than very briefly and early-on, the two brands rolled off of the same assembly line smacks of fool-on-a-bar-stool logic. That visit would be my final one to @thornev's "expert". I'm sure it was for @thornev as well. Thank you for the expanded info, @bobouz !
  4. gampadoug

    New Es335

    Sooooooooooooo.... Over there at OK Guitars Charlie posted a recent article indicating that, back in the 60s, Gibsons and Epiphones were, in fact, built in the same facility and by the same luthiers. Go here http://es-335.org/ ...and scroll down to the 11/22/2019 post.
  5. OH! That's a 335 not a 330. duh! Very nice. Luv the walnut!
  6. Wish I had known that this particular model was available before I grabbed one of those satin walnut 330's. The neck position bugs me sometimes. I like how the neck is positioned on yours. Nice git. Now play that sucker!
  7. gampadoug

    Es339 fake?

    Tell you what. If it's a fake it's the best fake ever!
  8. gampadoug

    New Es335

    @Same Guy, THAT is one beautiful Studio! Prettier than many "non-studios "
  9. gampadoug

    ES339 ID

    All of these attributes are hit and miss for the studios. Bases on years of perusing Reverb ads.
  10. gampadoug

    ES339 ID

    Very good then, @Twang Gang. Of course, If I buy it, it will be sporting a strap button on the upper horn at some point.
  11. Nice work the button install, @Twang Gang. Yes, having the button in the customary location, causes the guitar to tilt away from me which, in turn, causes undue stress on my thin-skinned forearm. I'm inclined to test this on a cheaper 335-ish guitar before applying it to my 2015 figured natural. If it's a significant improvement...I'm going there.
  12. gampadoug

    ES339 ID

  13. That's an interesting experience, @merciful-evans. Does this guitar feel differently than other semi-hollows? (assuming you have others) I ask because my 137 has it's strap button on the upper bout and it seems to hang differently on me. Easier on the right forearm.
  14. Has anyone ever played an ES-XXX with the strap button on the upper bout instead of the back of the body?
  15. gampadoug

    New Es335

    If there was no discernible difference between Epi's and Gibbies then the latter would not be so popular. People are not stupid. OK. Well, with the exception of @thornev 's "Expert"
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