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  1. Hey Don, Welcome to the forums. Hope you find the site useful and, if not, at least entertaining.
  2. I'd say you scored, orys. Pretty.
  3. gampadoug

    My ES 335

  4. 330 is "woodsier" than my 335 and with HB pickemups there is no threat of hum from dirty power sources. That's an issue here in DougTuckey OR. Also 330 is lighter and better balanced, at least in sitting position, that my 335. Still further this model set me back $1400 and I simply am not willing at this time to part with $2500+ for a good used "non studio??" 330. The satin walnut speaks to me in it's simple beauty. I don't mind taking this out on the front porch due to it's relative inexpensiveness and I can play it w/out amp...sorta. 🙄
  5. From Jacob Stutzman over there at Sweetwater... Upper bout: 10 5/32" Waist: 8 1/8" Lower Bout: 14 5/32" Body thickness: 1 9/16"
  6. yes, sir. If you like it, buy it. Just vet the seller.
  7. Looks legit, Rednef. Although, Guitar Dater Project cannot find serial #'s that begin with ME, I have seen then on Reverb. I just don't remember which model. Is this a '63 reissue?
  8. Also, when pickup switch is in the MIDDLE position (both pups), turn EITHER volume knob off disables BOTH pups. This is kinda like a master volume feature.
  9. https://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p447/dougclavell/es-137frontfar_zpsdilgai3e.jpg.html
  10. PERFECT! This will do JUST fine if I ever find myself gigging at Spaghettinni...
  11. Yes. I've seen a few examples and the holes stick out unless the entire guitar has been refinished. Show stopper!
  12. Just answered my own question. (What is this - Stack Overflow ???) Anyway a pic on Reverb clearly shows a 1981 with a great view of the bottom of the body. The Trap is affixed to the strap button with two additional holes to boot. Installation, therefore, would constitute a virtually irreversible modification. Other than that I reckon the stop piece pins would unscrew leaving metal studs in he body, eh? I could screw in some wooden "dowels" or push in some plastic pieces of flair like...crazy daisies or the like.
  13. Soooooooo.... Supposing I want to convert me Gibby to a trap tail. Does Trapeze use the strap pin hole? Do the stop piece pins unscrew? Thank you. - Gampa (I am not a crackpot)
  14. I always use D'Addario XL Nickel Wound 10 gauge on my 335 and have used same on a 339 a had a couple of years ago. They give the best general all-around tone of all the strings I've tried. That would be the aforementioned and Gibson Bright-wires.
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