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  1. Oh yes! I'm a HUGE fan too! My female was named "Rosie"... She lived up to her name too... There was a Whole Lotta her ;) What's your fave AC/DC song? Mine is Ride On... Best song EVER!
  2. AC/DC reference? My other Rottweiler I lost two years ago was named Angus! :)
  3. Just popping in to say hi! A year ago I stopped by with a pic of my new baby & just thought I'd pop in with an update!
  4. Thank you LP! congrats on YOUR new baby! Do you have pics??? He is 7 weeks & 5 days today!
  5. Californiaman! Thanks so much! He is a sweetheart!!!
  6. Thank you! The best present I could ever wish for!
  7. Thanks pippy! He was a total surprise & I couldn't be more thrilled!!! :)
  8. Thank you! He's a rottie! I lost my boy Angus (my avatar pic) last December & then got a puppy named Slash in May that I lost to parvo a few days later.... So this is my little Christmas miracle!!!
  9. Thank you so much Chan! So good to "see" you!
  10. lol kaleb! He's pretty dang precious to me!
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