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  1. Good stuff! now lets hear a clip form that string!!
  2. Brother I get you fully. We all do from time to time, but not everybody really. We all say we do at times but in reality if you think you did get a great deal then you did and so be it . Not here to brag that I got this deal better than yours/anybody. It's really how you make it, like the acoustics or not. Some can afford, some cannot. I save my pennies (not that it means anything here on my side of the border north)I also buy and sell to fund my toys. Heck no matter what it is if you wanted something these days badly on sale or not you will get it and will make it happen and that's human nat
  3. Dare we say we need to show receipts for the great deals? I for one will not pay the regular price they have advertised, in comes a long the street price I still think they can go a tad lower and this is new. Right place at the right time seems to work for the most. Just being a smart shopper these days do pay off and if I do pay through the nose I would be so desperate as if its the only one left in the world and I just got to have it mentality. I paid my dues for this from time to time and it's cool to save on deals as well. So what was your best deal you ever had? Receipts? Cheers!
  4. I guess if you are serious enough, you can always talk to the manager. Depending what store and staff who work on commission or brownie points. I always ask for the manager of the store and knock on wood I get a great deal walking out the store every time. Some give but not all specially if they need to clear this years last years model to ease the overhead cost to carry another batch. Good Luck!!
  5. Pricing and discount aside, I would take the Non VOS for the acoustic as it will look better in the long run as you will be the one aging it for how ever long it takes or sooner, now that being said some do like VINTAGE ORIGINAL SPEC in which they also offer on the Les Paul electrics etc.(VOS on them is okay too and I like it It's all preference in looks in the end. You will have to really involve a software in your pc to measure the sound variance between the two, but when it's electrified and loud? What difference does it make in the end really. Peace!
  6. Good question, they seem to all sound similar in a way except for the last that could either be the AJ/45? Nice sounding the three, a bit on the bright side. New strings? Haven't warmed up yet. Peace!
  7. Nicely done brother! Is it my ears or they similarly sound the same? Although there is a tad lushness on the J-45. New strings? This thing with the J-35 I found is that overall you will get the biting mid-range and slight treble happy, but the bass you will have to coax it out of. It is there really, just different overall sound dynamics you have to do. Here is my short clip with my J-35 with a fresh set of 12's EB PB Earthwood.Tooling around with an old DB tune just to switch from the high D and low G chords, trying to get some bass out. Hope it does justice. http://chirb.it/p
  8. Thanks Sal!! Cool take on a TP tune (rip).... Great sounding Gibby btw!!
  9. Great turnout,, and yes I agree with natstrat79 the previous post above there GuitarPlayer919in the sense that the J-35 is quite a sensitive guitar on it's own with the above mentioned to humidity as it's a very light acoustic, the type/gauges of strings used, the plectrum thickness and material. I've gotten back from my tech to have my J-35 tweaked, sort of like an oil change thingy. Tweaked the neck just right almost straight it at all as I scope down the neck which it is 99% give +/-, oiled the fingerboard, frets are shiny and levelled still so nothing done, strings testing atm is EB E
  10. Hey a great turn of event here brother!! The string choice you had noted gave it away, jump her up to 12's and forget the 11's.The set you have on their is too light in sound/tone/chimey and would probably be alright if you fingerpick, nonetheless it has the broken in feel and the openness you want to hear. The 35's needs to be in the case unless you play her a lot often. I noticed that they are easily climatised and need to dry out a bit and not overly one or the other. hen all else is new as in set up and strings etc. and you take her out to play? They tend to sound different and sort of dea
  11. Hmmm kind of hard to argue where you think you are not gelling with this guitar at all. It does rather sound bright and thin but depending on the gauge of strings you have etc. It's got a nice ring to it. Remember that you have the other J-45 that your ear/feel/sound etc. accustomed to it. Maybe you are wanting it to sound somewhat similar to the 45? The J-35 is it complete it's own character in sound now. It will never sound the same as the others. It took me a while to come to terms with the J-35 sound dry and woody with great mid's that's not to harsh or overpowering and I know I wa
  12. Yeah man.. Sorry to hear such disappointment , maybe give it time and another shot with an alternative string gauge and/or maybe an ebony pins etc. Does it need humidification? is it dry or dead sounding etc.? My J-35 just rings with warmth. Here is a clip : No EQ settings just as is with a set of RotoSound JK 12's http://chirb.it/kLm5vb Just got to tweak her nicely as you never know. Does the place you got her from offer a complimentary set-up etc.? Good Luck!
  13. Yes I have and that was my first choice really , but the J-35 just captivated me on the first go. I also had my mind set on a rosewood b/s but it would be another acoustic brand that we all know, for that and I have it already after the J-35 so I am quite content. Maybe if a well taken care used J-29 gets lost in my area I would seriously have it another go. There is this fella I know who has all 3 model and boy the prices on them is going up as well. Cheers!
  14. Hey Sal...did you have a Gibby J-50 or a Hummingbird? Just curious as I thought I saw one of your post a while back. The J-15 is a wonder acoustic guitar that Gibson is really making a statement in trying out different combinations of b/s and neck etc. The 3 series offered from J-15, J-29, J-35 are all winners in my book. Trick is to play a few before you opt for the right one you like. They will be keepers. Once they're gone from the catalogs it will or might not become a reissue and that could be a good thing if you have one. My 2013 NOS J-35 has opened up to a thumping growl
  15. Yes brother! That's the spirit. We've just upped the game here to another level. Long gone are just the pictures only. Have to add a clip, doesn't matter if it's covered or your own ditty. We want to hear that fresh sounding 6 string of ours. Allman Brothers........my favorite...Ramblin' Man : Sweet Melissa etc.....Whipping Post. Cheers!
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