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  1. Hi there, question, where can I get a Casino elitist bracket (obviously for its scratch plate) As I can see the difference with a "normal" casino plate is, the elitist has a bend instead tho make a perfect "L" shape. Any idea where to get it? thanks a lot!
  2. hi there, anyone knows where can i get a casino elitist bracket or similar BUT tested that it fits right on a casino... thanks in advnce
  3. notre daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

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  5. yes is what i thought ( about a better wood selection on expensive guitars). Is ,as you say,a minor issue ( toothbrush trick doesn't work, so I think is what you said, mineral trapped). cheers
  6. does it look dry? maybe is the pic as the guitar is new! -1 week- (well maybe it has been stored for months in the warehouse) cheers
  7. BTW, thanks to everybody for these replies and thank you all for the time you have spent writing them.
  8. okay,nice but, is a cheap guitar isn't it? I did not say a false affirmation...(but still remember how good were korean casinos .... only looking at their F you can see a difference )
  9. Hi there, Have a look to the picture, i wonder , that "white" dots on th fretboard wood, is because the wood is like that or because as every guitar made in china is a cheap thing? I saw this thing on at least three casinos... thanks a lot in advance folks!
  10. hi there,uk. what about the quality of their knobs? (i don't have problem with order this knobs to US but, if they are the same quality than the chinese Epi ones, there are no point to order them..
  11. I wonder...why nobody does pickups (p90 dog ear) with its covers in "chrome" colour?(duncan,Lindy fralin,etc all of then are black,white,cream) any special reason?,
  12. thanks a lot indeed!!very helpful info! btw ...as i don't live in US,I would like to know (just to be sure) how is the quality of these knobs? again ,thanks for your time
  13. thanks a lot! just for the records... how is the inner side of a gibson's top hay gold knob? i mean, my pot is the same than in the diagram...
  14. Hi there, I have an Epi (MIC) and i would like to know if gibson's top hat gold (model PRMK -030) would fit okay ... thanks a lot
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