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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. There are a couple types of pickgurds. The tortoise ones are not the ones that are injection molded. The ones I mold for Gibson are going to be translucent and solid in color. They will be the ones that are colorfilled and not printed on the outside.
  3. I saw the picture but I didn't look close. It looks like a drill press vice bolted to a bowling ball sitting inside a small tire. Talk about ingenuity!
  4. Yes, they are injection molded. I asked Gibson and I think it's ok to say this. I mold parts for Gibson. That being said, please, don't anyone even think about trying to get me to sell to them directly. I just ran several Hummingbird pickguards. The engraving is in the mold and somewhere on this site is a picture of the lady that hand paints them. I call that color filling ( I also do laser engraving) and we color fill all the time.
  5. I was there in 2015 and got a tour. I had an opportunity to engrave some Les Pauls for them but they didn't go through with the project.
  6. Anyone else had a tour of the Nashville Plant?
  7. Yes I did. And after I bought it the guy that gave lessons there said, you bought my favorite 12 string! So I guess I wasn't alone. So you all have opened my eyes a bit to on line buying with good valid points! Thanks!
  8. I'm new here so I expect to be flamed... The J-200 and the Hummingbird pickguards are injection molded for the TV models. I do not know how they were done in the past but I sure know how they are done now.
  9. I went to the Guitar Center last weekend in Nashville. Hundreds of acoustic guitars but only a handfull sounded good to me as far as new ones. Not talking about Gibsons, but the others. Epiphones, Taylors, Yamahas, Fenders.... Other than the Gibson's, the Martins and the Taylors were the only ones that had a sound I liked. If money was no issue, I'd head over to Gruhns.... So, if I'm understanding. As long as you are getting a brand and model you know you like, it's ok to buy without playing?
  10. Good morning, I'm new here so feel free to beat me up. 99.7% of you are better players than me but I have a pretty good ear. Something I don't understand in today's Amazon / Ebay world. How the heck do you buy an acoustic guitar without hearing the tone? I bought a Yamaha 12 string 34 years ago. There were 3 of the same models but the one I bought had a better sound. I may be wrong, but I can sort of see it with an electric, but not acoustic. Sorry if this has been covered before...
  11. Thanks, I'm in Tn so, howdy neighbor.
  12. Good morning, Newebe here, big fan of Gibson and I make some items for them. I'm not sure if I can share what I do. I will find out and maybe I can help. I'm a crappy guitar player and I have a few, gotta say my older Epi Dot seems to play about the best....not too impressed with my Epi Les Paul Ultra 3.. I do like the tuner! LOL
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