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  1. I remember that SG, remember how i drooled 👻 one day i'll have one! No problem with the "second" guitars, as Mark explains
  2. really? wow, i might check em out then, i was looking for the slash tone was even thinking if i should put his pick ups on my 17 tribute...what year is your plus top pro standar?
  3. Looks good, but i would like to see if it has a volute, it should have one if its from the 70s also i would ask for pics of the pots and the pick ups
  4. Good luck! its hard to decide when you cant try the guitar for yourself...i love all pick ups P90's, humbuckers, mini humbuckers. I have a firebird with mini humbuckers and its the coolest thing ever hehe, but i wouldnt mind having a bird with P90s hehe
  5. Wow! where did you get it for that price? beautiful!
  6. well it was cool, i had influences from the US, but also when i was growing up i listened to what was best from rock bands from Mexico and Latin america, i do feel that mexican rock music just stalled and its been years since something new and fresh came out. So I did have an inclination towards US rock because of this, its cooler and about avocados, haha, its nice to have them cheap, and have at least 2 varieties of them almost all year long haha😛
  7. I so want this guitar for so long, im a long time Sheryl fan, but when i saw the price tag i just got sad cuz i would need to sell at least 2 guitars and put some extra cash to get it =( but i so want it!
  8. I live in Mexico (if that was what you were asking) 😛 haha gummy bears, gummy pineapples, gummy mangos, gummy everything with chilli power hahhaa
  9. wow!! and i feel guilty for having 2 SGs hahaha, awesome!
  10. Avocado on a hot dog? that's new to me, and im Mexican! haha...i would try it, but yeah i agree that avocado is for tacos haha
  11. FemmeParallell


    Nice! yep, i was thinking to myself that it didnt look like cherry red, congrats!
  12. I've seen some 2012 61RIs in black but mate, they dont look that much appealing to me than the regular ebony glossy, prefer the latter i have a cherry red 2012 61RI in mate, i love it cuz it weight almost nothing, the neck is super thin and it rocks...BUT, i also have a 2016 standard with P90s and that thing can growl! i play the 61RI more often due to the neck thing, like articsg mentioned, the standards have fuller neck profiles
  13. FemmeParallell


    Beautiful guitar 😎 gotta love the P90s...i remember reading you wanted the pelham blue SG, what made you change your mind hehe (just curious!)
  14. wow 3 guitars ! awesome...unfortunately for us in a 3rd world country and with the currency exchange not being favorable i can only dream of a 2019 50s standard 😞 its too damn expensive 😞 i still want to try them when they get to a store here!
  15. Agree with Pip. My only thought would be is there a price difference between a 2009 and a 1999?? Meaning that if you overpaid by the fact that it was supposed to be a 2009, then you should ask for the difference back. If this is not the case (which i think it isnt) then go with what Pip said
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