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  1. My all time fave is a 2003 fender mim strat, that guitar has been the longest with me, but every week/month a have a second fave, right now is the LP tribute The one i regret selling, i dont regret it that much but it would be nice to have a 2001 330 Rickenbacker And i regret not buying a 2013 Gibson SJ100 that was a bargain but i dont know why i didnt go for it
  2. thank you!! sounds good! i wished the LP was full front in the vid hehe
  3. hahaha i have one of those Multi-Vitamin Piss Yellow strats, but with texas specials and i LOVE IT! oh and the color is Canary Diamond hehe congrats IanHenry, that is one beautiful guitar, when they first came out i was excited cuz i always wanted a yellowish strat (didnt have the canary diamond strat at that time) but the neck didnt feel comfty for me =( but its beautiful and sounds awesome
  4. Maybe some pictures could help 😉
  5. if you ever do so please share it! i was thinking about it if its worth spending $300 or so doing it, and i have to pay someone to do it i dont know how to do that stuff hehe
  6. So sorry for your loss, thank you for opening your heart and sharing the video/song, bless your heart
  7. do you have a video or sound clip of it after you put the SD antiquities? very intrested to hear, i was thinking of changing the pick ups on mine (same model) i like the ones it came with but they sound muddy and lack clarity, i think that guitar would sound great with another pick ups, it resonates so well
  8. I always keep them in their case or gig bag, where i live it gets really humid (can get up to 90%) during the winter. Right now its really hot but still we get like 40-60%! so im a little bit more comfortable to have them out in the room for a day or 2 The only guitar i am not keeping in its bag its my new tribute, but i got it so i can have it always ready besides my sofa But yes it affects them, during winter my firebird neck got weird and it started buzzing , and i put it away until Summer and now neck is ok
  9. mmm i dont know, the cavity looks funny, the "made in usa" looks like my niece did it with a knife, and i think i saw a screw on the bridge , and if so its a Chinese copy
  10. Wow, that must of been hard, but im glad you were able to get this guitar, its really pretty...also, its nice you enjoy the little things (butterflies)
  11. FemmeParallell


    Congrats! i played one a few months ago and loved it, wish i could buy one haha beautiful back!
  12. I wished one of my LP smelled like vanilla, instead it smells like motor oil hahaha (i bought it used)
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