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  1. i used FemmeParallell several years ago while i was learning French, its a song name by Thievery Corporation i liked a lot, one day i was creating an account for a social media and i didnt know what to use, and i had that song stuck on repeat on my head so i stated using it, that and im a lady
  2. aww so beautiful, wish i had something like that near by
  3. from what i've read, yes, they will come with poly finish i disliked the $999 price tag on the 50s modified strat ๐Ÿ˜ž
  4. I also hate this, all the LPs i've had and have removed the pickguard have had this blemish =( on my current gold top its really noticeable but i decided to leave it that way and try not to let it bother me like Wmachine said, they made removable pickguards in 2015, they were so practical but i guess ppl thought they were not like the original LPs so they went back to the original way
  5. i would love it too if i didnt work for 7 weeks! i really hate summer, dont like sweating a lot , dont like getting sunburnt , dont like mosquitos. Where i live it gets up to 115F so it really sucks =( im more of a Autumn person hehe
  6. I prefer not saying, i dont wanna get in trouble hahaha, but i have the most i ever had in my life, started playing at 13
  7. agree with Pip! loving the color i would go for the new one if i liked the color better , but that just me ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. My all time fave is a 2003 fender mim strat, that guitar has been the longest with me, but every week/month a have a second fave, right now is the LP tribute The one i regret selling, i dont regret it that much but it would be nice to have a 2001 330 Rickenbacker And i regret not buying a 2013 Gibson SJ100 that was a bargain but i dont know why i didnt go for it
  9. thank you!! sounds good! i wished the LP was full front in the vid hehe
  10. hahaha i have one of those Multi-Vitamin Piss Yellow strats, but with texas specials and i LOVE IT! oh and the color is Canary Diamond hehe congrats IanHenry, that is one beautiful guitar, when they first came out i was excited cuz i always wanted a yellowish strat (didnt have the canary diamond strat at that time) but the neck didnt feel comfty for me =( but its beautiful and sounds awesome
  11. Maybe some pictures could help ๐Ÿ˜‰
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