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  1. Excellent color choice! Congrats its beautiful
  2. Ok, so im thinking about getting a Hummingbird but im puzzled about these 2 options i found online and mostly about the price tag difference, i couldnt find that much of a difference to justify the difference, or maybe i didnt check correctly. Is the price difference noticeble on the sound? Or is it just aesthetics difference. Anyone know/Have tried them?
  3. Last month i got the DSL5CR, its small but sounds great, but i would sound perfect with a 12” speaker
  4. omg, first time i read about tuners breaking! that sucks...agree, banjo tuners are better!
  5. i was bummed when i read you had no luck with the cherry 339, hope you find one soon, i have a sunburst 339 and its a delight, love it!
  6. 2 weeks seem like enough time, better let that sit a bit than to get you or your mother in risk if you buy anything show us later on!
  7. OMG congrats! Goldtoppy now has a new friend! hehe one day i will have a bird too!! enjoy!
  8. Hola Luciano, sube fotos, es la mejor manera que te pueda ayudar alguien
  9. my SG R61 has both a 57 in the neck, and a pearly gates in the bridge, and definitely the PG is more brighter love both
  10. this is the second time i read about the cts pots on the new epis =( this sucks, i want one but this and all the QA issues ppl are reporting are a turn off
  11. I used to be really into Mazzy Star, their songs are simple but filled with colors, it just made my imagination fly RIP David
  12. Dont watch much tv as i used to, but when i do i see these Channels: History, Tru Tv, Fox, Gourmet tv,and some local stuff i am watching more Netflix, HBO go, Plex, and wishing i had more BBC series
  13. Congrats, and happy birthday sir! i dig that color, wish i could get one in that same exact finish
  14. When i was younger i used to buy guitars by appearance and because some musician i admired played it, i kept some of those guitars and some i sold..as i grew older it has to appeal to me visually but its all about the feel and sound now, i now know what characteristics are a must for me (like neck profile and a little bit the weight factor), so i have to play them first, because i have bought guitars that have been spec wise what i wanted but then the neck ends up being a little bit different and end up selling them
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