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  1. I had a 60th anniversary 59 Les Paul but had to sell it cause needed the money badly now I wanted to buy again a reissue but the 58 is more affordable although I saw the Gibson Les Paul standard 60s are amazing too and much cheaper.Are these new 60s standards as good as they say?Perhaps I will buy the standard 60s!
  2. hoross

    R8 vs R9

    hi there been long time I haven't been on this forum. I've been enjoying and recording music with my 1958 lp std historic 1958 plaintop vos lemon burst although im thinking of buying a 1959 and selling this one I was wondering if its worth it cause besides the neck I don't know what the difference is ? Many people tell me the 1959 is better,but I can't try cause they are nowhere in stock in my country. So anyone can help me if I should keep the 58 and buy the 59?
  3. I received 3 months ago finally my first 1958 historic reissue plaintop vos lemonburst. The only thing im wondering is it normal that the guitar got scratches and scuffs on the body and back ? Besides that i need to say i had many Gibsons in my life studio,traditional,standard,classic,classic antique but that one is the top of all you cant beat a custom shop the sound is really awesome ........
  4. To answer your question Mr Jones i did order the 58 reissue a while ago however they couldnt get it anymore at this price and changed totally price so had to cancel the guitar cause it was a huge difference of 1500 dollars more.Now i found another dealer that got me cheaper and i ordered finally a 58 reissue vos lemon burst and hope to get it before new year or by january 2017 so im really thrilled.Yes i agree it took a while but its not my fault and i even hesitated with the goldtop 57 but im not that crazy about goldtops.
  5. but i thought the 58 were a bit better then the 57 goldtops are is that not truth?
  6. Yes still me Im dying to get one of these two Played several times the 1958 standard reissue 1958 vos and a 1957 standard historic gloss goldtop. Both were awesome and there is perhaps 300 dollars difference. Im also wondering if the value of both is the same too,so i never had such a problem with the choice cause its a lot of money.....
  7. Its been weeks and months i tried out a standard historic 1957 goldtop les paul and a standard historic 1958 les paul reissue vos plaintop. Both guitars are great but really im wondering which one will hold its value and sound in the years to come.Im playing 70s and 80s hardrock and after 27 yeas of playing guitars like standards,classic,traditional and studios i wanted to buy something real good ,so if anyone can give me an advice im listening :)
  8. Its been a while im hesitating between a beautiful R7 Goldtop standard historic reissue and a lemon burst R8. The R8 i was testing was amazing but the R7 Goldtop i can only order and not try so anyone experience with that guitar and by the years which one will be the most rarely item to find? I appreciate for the help :)
  9. ONCE more yes i had the les paul standard 2016 t if you dont believe me you dont have to but i proved it already in the past that every guitar i had was there on pictures over here.Now i never said the standard 2016 t was bad or the 2015 traditionals were bad they were really great guitars and like i said if i was rich i would had kept them for sure but now after playing 26 years guitar i really wanted something up the rolls royce of guitars which is the custom shop so now that i can afford that im gonna buy it....and yes i will have the R8 and i will try again the class 5 u never know but it will be one of the 2 for sure .
  10. Thank you Mr C.O.Jones for being curious.Even tough i play 26 years guitar im not a professional like Slash or Tracii Guns or Steve Stevens or Joe Perry u name it. However after playing 26 years guitar i could feel the big difference of a custom shop guitar compared to a les paul standard or traditional i dont say they are bad they are briliant if i was rich i would had kept all my guitars altough i want this time a real good one that could stay with me for many many years and i think the custom shop is the answer.Now yes i took the R8 i need to wait for the colour ICE TEA a few weeks they didnt had others in stock.I still dig the lp class 5 you can really compare it to a higher level then a standard with custom shop quality.But like i said my music is more 70s and 80s sound like Zeppelin,Kiss,GNR,LA Guns,Motley Crue etc,,,,so an R8 is one of the best for me.When i receive the guitar i will post pics and maybe even sounds.
  11. thank you ,but u mean the 1958 les paul reissue plaintop vos is a historic one? u know im still hesitating with the les paul class 5 so difficult to choose :(
  12. never heard of the R0 and i checked but they dont have,very difficult choice to make altough i think in the end the R8 will be worth more then the class 5 and will have the more 70s and 80s classic sound ....but i still dig the class 5 too....wish i was rich lol i would take both hahahha
  13. yes i sold my lp standard if u want i still have the pics can send them no problem by the way im still hesitating with the R8 and the les paul class 5,i put the class 5 aside but the guy at the guitarshop told me i can still change my mind its maybe 70 dollars difference between the 2 but hell i really dont know what to do right now.I wanted to buy a custom shop after 26 years of playing and keep that one but i tested both R8 and class 5,the only thing which is better on the class 5 is the weight for the rest they almost sound the same :( hmmm i really need help on that one...
  14. Now that i finally toook the step to buy an r8 i just see there are so many like i want the plaintop 58 reissue vos but there are standard 58,standard historic,gloss finish can someone please explain me the difference im new in the world of the custom shops.Thanks.
  15. yes but its a plaintop is that a historic too? im still wondering about the les paul class 5 and which one is worth more at the end?
  16. After 26 years of playing i tried a Gibby lp custom reissue 1958 plaintop vos which was great vs a Gibson les paul class 5 from 2014 which they stopped making. So im wondering which one is the best in your opinion here cause this is the first time im buying a custom shop ,i used to buy Always traditional and standard les pauls but soundwise nothing can compare to those guitars i tried so im still hesitating which one would you choose? And by the way what is the difference between the plaintop R8 and historic,etc ?
  17. Well after playing 26 years guitars it was time for me to make a big step and get a custom shop i could even try an R8 reissue which was great but the neck was really heavy altough the sound was incredible great not a standard and not a traditional can get that sound of it.Now i tried the les paul class 5 which i know here on the board many people hate but believe me the neck is a 60s neck and very thin and amazing it combines a bit the standard and traditional with of course custom made material.So ive decided to take the class 5 and really it has nothing to do in quality and sound with a traditional or standard and its a plaintop dirty lemon.I put the guitar aside and will get it in 2 weeks i will post some pics when i get,yes finally a custom shop les paul ;)
  18. Chuck i did had the sprint run model and i had a transamber candy colour 42 pieces worldwide but sold it and bought the 2016 lp standard t and i really like it more then the sprint run model.I think the lp standard 2016 is one of the best standard i had since the 2008 model which i think was awesome and also the les paul classic antique (which one day i hope they make a new model of it).
  19. Ok just received yesterday morning my new Gibby lp standard 2016 t in honeyburst. I agree about the comments of people that this guitar is awesome,really hands down better then the 2015 sprint run model. Seems the finishes of the Woods,frets,burstbucker pros are awesome. Really i think its the best guitars ive owned since the 2008 Gibson les paul classic antique,plays like a dream i love the vintage look on it glad i didnt take the hp model. Yes i dont regret a second about the guitar i will try post pics of it but like usual i got issues here to post like usual :( But once i found out i will i promise. Now lets wait for the 2017 models looking forward to that :)
  20. relax dudes im buying almost every year another les paul and sell back the old one from the year or 2 years before thats all. Im addicted to les pauls and love specially the traditionals and standards,i still think the custom shops are way overpriced so there you go...and yes it is very difficult to find a shop here selling the newest les pauls models so i cannot try them unfortunately.So if u still think im a weirdo then its your problem,ive been a guitarplayer for 26 years now i dont need to receive lessons from anyone.I love playing guitar and rock n roll and nobody will take that away from me,i work hard enough for my living to buy myself guitars.
  21. hoross

    T vs HP

    For a small difference of 150 euros i chose the les paul standard t 2016 over the HP for some reason even if i dug the 2015 g force models i wanted a vintage classic les paul standard so i think i did the right thing. Im still waiting for the guitar i think i should get it at the end of next week since delivery and color needed to be wait a bit more i took in a honeyburst color.
  22. thank you all i hope to get the new guitar next week i will let you know guys :)
  23. Thanks Cody i will get it tomorrow or next week through fed ex or UPS cant wait im excited like a puppy lol
  24. After thinking and rethinking about getting a 2016 model i took and ordered a les paul standard 2016 t . I didnt take the High Performance model even if its really a beautiful guitar i prefer the traditional specs on the guitar and classic feel of a real les paul standard so i hope to have it this weekend or next week im really looking forward to that! :) Altough i heard some negative things about the finishes is that truth?
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