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Grounding on an Epiphone Broadway


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Hi All,


I recently bought a used Epiphone Broadway. I am really enjoying it. I have noticed that there is a hum that only goes away if I touch the pickups. Touching the strings or tailpiece does not effect it. On most guitars, the strings and bridge are grounded and the hum will go away when you put your hand on them. Is this normal? I have a feeling that the tailpiece and strings should be grounded.


Thanks to all, Mike

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Yep.. your strings arent grounded.

I dont know where the string ground mounts to the electronics. I think it is the volumepot but On my emp reg I got to the output jack.

From the volume pot should be a wire going to the tailpiece where it attaches (butt of the guitar with the strap button)


Use a mirror to see the wire and if it looks ok just make sure it is making good contact with the tailpiece (which means taking the strings off and the screws holding the tailpiece.) I would rub the two surfaces with a little 0000 steel wool to remove any oxidization.


If the Wire is NOT there and you see the hole.. well there is your problem.

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