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ADMIN Question for: Nashville 335 block


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I own an Historic 335 1963 block reissue since the end of December. I bought it from a private. It's a 2007 model (serial: A-37004).

It has a fat neck, instead of slim taper (measures 1.00 inches at the 12th fret and 0.9 at first fret).

Two days ago i noticed the guitar has a twisted neck, although the fingerboard has been mounted to compensate the twist of the neck. As a result the nut isn't parallel to frets. So I have different strings heights, starting from fret one (closer to fingerboard the high-E; much less closer the bottom E string).

I can send pictures of those details.

I didn't notice nothing till now because the guitar sounded good, but I always had fine-tuning problems on this guitar.

I believe this guitar will never allow a perfect fine tuning, as I am used to set my instruments.


I also have a 2000 335 memphis dot reissue, and it's much more precise in neck manufacture and (above any other thing) tuning.

What should I do now?

I thought a Custom Shop guitar could be better than my standard, but it seems the opposite.

Why a twisted fat neck has been mounted on a supposed-slim-taper-neck historic 1963 block reissue guitar?

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just for clarification, when you say you bought the guitar "from a private", what do you mean? the potential problem we have here is that if you bought the guitar from an individual--and not a store--that would make you the 2nd owner. And unfortunately, Gibson's warranty only covers the original owner of any guitar.

Please let me know...

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I bought the guitar from an Individual, who bought the guitar in April 2007, but he gave me the seller's original receipt.

(the original buyer might have noticed the twisted neck, so he decided to sell the guitar)

If am I right the guitar should have been produced during the first months of 2007 (serial A-37004), so it should be still under warranty.

Anyway the sticker inside the guitar says "GUARANTEED (in capital letters) from faulty workmanship and materials".

This sounds strange to my ears looking at that fat, twisted, compensated (during the fingerboard installation) neck.

Even if it should happen I can't use any form of warranty, which seems unfair to me, because the guitar should be guaranteed in any case against faulty workmanship under the warranty period of time, I might end up trading it , and this pricey faulty guitar will go through different owners as a terrible example of Gibson Nashville manufacturing..

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Hi carlo,

under the terms of the US warranty, you would not be entitled to coverage because 1) you are not the original owner of the guitar, and 2) you are in Italy, and the US warranty only covers guitars purchsed in the US.


HOWEVER, for guitars purchased overseas, warranty issues are handled by the international distributor for that country. so, i would suggest contacting our Italian distributor (the info is below) to see if they can help. it's good that you have the receipt...that may work in your favor.


Gibson Med S.r.l.

20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI)

Via Campania 12 - Z.I. Sesto Ulteriano



Email: info@gibsonmed.com

Phone: +39 02 98283838

Fax: +39 02 98283839

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