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Feeback issues


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An issue that has plagued me repeatedly since I bought my J45 last year is dealing with feedback from monitors. my other guitars have either a Fishman system or a pickup mounted in the sound hole. My Blueridge with the sound hole mounted pickup has zero issues with feedback and with the Taylor I can stick one of those feedback busters in the sound hole and that takes care of it.


The J45 and Woody SJ both have the volume mounted in the sound hole. I guess I could modify the feedback busters to accommodate the volume control, but I'd like to keep away from using that if I can...I really prefer the way the guitars look without a plug in the sound hole and I like hearing the guitar while playing. Monitor volume isn't the issue, I run the monitors pretty quiet but even some vocal frequencies set the Gibsons to howling. I don't care for using a mic because it anchors me to one place on stage, but that's what's happening now, I suppose - I find a spot where the feedback is manageable and stay put. I use a Fishman Aura pedal, and I've worked with the EQ on the pedal and the monitor EQ and still have problems.


Any suggestions, tips or tricks from your experiences?

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This can be a frustrating issue...easy to blame a specific guitar etc...


IMX it often comes down to room acoustics, vocal mic sensitivity, monitor and speaker placement


Standing or sitting can play a part too...


Solo performances can be easier to manage...problems can proliferate in a band


Working with a good sound engineer can make life easier...





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