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So I've been exploring different brands out of the gibson realm for quite awhile now. I've had a couple Collings a couple scgc a Kopp

All these brands have been great! But they've always left me wanting a gibson again aside from the Kopp.

I have 2 12 fret slot head Collings which IMO if you were strictly a player and not wanting to plug in are unbeatable.

But man they are so loud that you can't sing with them even playing with fingers. Great Tone though incredible actually.

The cruz I had a vj which was great but left me wanting more bass kinda thin my buddies went as far as calling it a tin can lol I didn't think it was bad but hey?

A scgc D12 which I still own and is a master piece love the guitar! So I've been wanting to get back to gibson and now I've traded one of my Collings on a 2010 50th anniversary hummingbird. I can't be more pleased. It's such a great piece. Beautiful bold and great tone. Plus it's light which I haven't had in a hummingbird before. Anyhow sorry for the long post but here she is. Awful pics I know.hahaha




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