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  1. I’ve had my 2013 for around 2 years it’s a ltd model of 100 that was recreated from Gary Burnettes 1934 OJ. It’s the best guitar “for me” I’ve ever played. I’ve had many but it’s very special.
  2. Rhank, Im located in canada and shipped many Gibsons accross the border with ease. Not a big deal really I've never had an issue. Many is about 30
  3. Never! Definitely look for a white one imo that's what made that guitar catch my eye. They are great!
  4. My bubinga j100 gets all my attention. As a matter of fact I'm thinking of trading one of my slopes for a maple. I would like a black Elvis model always wanted one.
  5. Let me know if you decide to sell I may be interested been looking for one for a long time
  6. RCT possibly the most ridiculous comment I've ever seen on the Gibson forum. Smh
  7. I'm with Jedzep. I do have pristine guitars but I'm almost scared to play them. My most recent is a 2013 OJ reissue which is an absolute monster but I'm afraid to play it. Wily if a vintage guitar hasn't been played much its probably a POS wouldn't ya think? Back then I'm sure not a lot of people had the money Latin around to have a few guitars but who knows.
  8. Bubinga is one of my favorites for sure! Has the rosewood bass and the dryness of mahogany. It's like an orchestra. Here's my J100xtra in Bubinga Here's one in mahogany
  9. Maybe it is spruce? The fella told me all hog. To be honest had that mellow hog tone. Hmmm now I'm curious
  10. I played this little fella the other day at guitar works in Calgary Alberta man was it a Gem. All hog 00-17m
  11. Thanks EA I'll check it out. I'm away from home I'll post a picture of the rig I have at home when I'm back. It says tone match Etc it just doesn't have that tall speaker
  12. Thanks for the replies. I am being offered one that is barely used for $500 Canadian which is about 8-900 USD lol. So you just have the base and no stand as well Sal? It's lightweight is great I normally use a Marshall as100d which is great in its own right! I know the system sounds great. Just wondering if the value is their. I'm not really looking at a new system as intriguing as that fish man sounds
  13. Quick question anyone use this system? I have just the bottom piece at home right now without stand. Looking at purchasing and selling my amp. Question is anyone using this for coffee house gigs or small gigs? Say gym size? Are they sufficient? This seems to have great tone and quite loud but just in my home. Love to hear your thoughts MOP
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