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  1. I’ve had my 2013 for around 2 years it’s a ltd model of 100 that was recreated from Gary Burnettes 1934 OJ. It’s the best guitar “for me” I’ve ever played. I’ve had many but it’s very special.
  2. Rhank, Im located in canada and shipped many Gibsons accross the border with ease. Not a big deal really I've never had an issue. Many is about 30
  3. Let me know if you decide to sell I may be interested been looking for one for a long time
  4. My J100 and L130 both in that Era. Both are truly incredible
  5. Just to add my .2 but if you play in a band at all I wouldn't recommend a lyric. I tried one and it was awful and thin sounding. Better suited for solo performance I'd say.
  6. I've played some dogs that's for sure. That being said if I've bought new it was from someone I trusted. I'm canadian no benefit to buying new due to warranty. Good luck to you hope you find one very soon
  7. 12 fret has a more robust all around tone. Easy to play as a couch player. Personally I love them. Oddly enough I don't have one right now. :(
  8. Few years back I had a j200 standard which also had that pup in it. Too many buttons and messing around. I sold the guitar. LOL don't do that! But I would definitely consider getting something more user friendly. The Baggs element is superb. My personal favorite is the Baggs anthem. Just my .2
  9. I've been out of the market for quite some time but they used to go for 3000. I've always wanted one. Love elvis
  10. Which model is it? Please post a picture?
  11. There's also a hummingbird j45 and sj200 made for canada as well.
  12. Lol pretty cool. Being Canadian id love to have one! I'd remove those tuners though!
  13. Elixir 12s here too! Though I'm gonna give the DR Rares a shot next
  14. That's because the metrosexual fingers aren't calloused :) Jk lol IMO whenever you buy a guitar whichever brand you should have it set up to your liking anyway. If they are sent from the factory like that then the store music villa for instance should set them up. Music villa is probably one of the better ones every guitar that comes out on the floor is usually set up perfectly. They usually change all the tusq and pins to bone as well. Atleast in my experience.
  15. Check out folkway music they have a player grade there. For 1800 needs a bit of work but will be great when complete

  16. It's a 2012. On the tv series I'm pretty sure they stamp it on the neck block
  17. Haha ya I wonder too. $3000 seems a bit steep as well
  18. Haha any of you folks ever hear of this one? I'm Canadian so I find it kind of cool http://saskatoon.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=458776368 http://www.guitarscanada.com/acoustic-guitar/29464-nagd-gibson-northern-jumbo.html Signed by ren and all??
  19. I had the pure voice which I recently sold to buy a Santa Cruz D12. Great PU. Really natural tone with lots of power
  20. http://shop.bluechippick.net/categories/Thumb-Pick/
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