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  1. PM…where the heck are you???Miss your quick wit and retort!!

  2. Dude, how's it going? Get locked in a closet?

    Drop us a line on the Acoustic forum. Jim

  3. Most of the stuff I read here (and a couple of other guitar forums) starts and stops with people who are on forums. Those who aren't focus on playing, those who are get side tracked by bling, saddles, nuts, plecs, gimmicks, insecurities and so on.... The concept of 'the one' or 'holy grail' can be brought down by reasonable argument to finding a guitar that's close to your perfect setup preferences. No matter how much weight people throw behind wild claims and whatnot, the reality is often little more than any particular guitar box-ticking a few preferences you may have but which have no meaning or worth to the world at large. There's no right or wrong and it all comes down to the ultimate divider, skill level....
  4. If you're this guy..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vms_6_TSQuc or this guy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-c66SJPuUI I doubt the material makes much difference to how proficient you sound....
  5. That fella has a lot of "chicken chin" going on when he's feeling the blues. It was like watching this in slo-mo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFtUAwWrpOg
  6. Or you could go for the other classic that guarantees a win...... Girlfriend forgot to take the pill....... gutted!
  7. I once sold a guitar on ebay in which I made fun of many of these terms, it actually helped way beyond my imagination... I wrote something along the lines of "...I know I'm supposed to say it smells new, clean, mint etc.. but in all honesty it smells like the kind of woman you take your wedding ring off for and hope that you don't have a tan line once you've had a couple of drinks to loosen you up enough to approach such a homewrecker. You know you're going to use a fake name and you probably also know when you wake up your wallet's going to be gone and you might need to see a doc about that itch." and looks wise along the lines of "you can see by the pics in the listing that this guitar, if we have to compare to women yet again, is the sort of woman who's broken a few other ladies noses in a mud wrestling t&tty bar. Not even by accident but because she's a vicious cow with quite a mean streak" I actually got quite a lot of contacts saying they laughed their heads off at the listing and the most bids I've ever had for a single sale. It sort of restored my faith to think there was other people out there who thought these chocolate, mint, player, canon, terms were as ridiculous as I did. I must admit when I see a listing with these in it, I'm not going to buy that guitar... they are not the sort of people I want to encourage.
  8. I think you have more chance of 'feeling' a difference than anything to be honest, older guitars do feel like old instruments... new ones, even relics don't. Sound wise, having a discussion like this will inevitably bring out the classics... Case One: Old one sounds different, perhaps less tight, only to be expected of course.... Answer: Yes, that is the sound of old, new can't compare... this is why vintage is king. That'll be $6000 please.. thank you good bye. Case Two: Old one sounds different, but new one sounds great... Answer: ah well mic placement is all wrong here, obviously anything old is better than anything new... this test is wrong. Test results rejected. Test results poster viewed as some kind of troublemaker and accused of witchcraft. Case Three: Old sounds incredibly average, new sounds great Answer: must be luck, must have that 'touched by the gods' factor built in, or Ren Ferguson personally came in and sacrificed two crocodiles and a fighting chicken, soaking them in some gun metal solution before mounting their souls as silken threads across the top whilst performing incantations. Case Four: Old one and new one sound no better than each other. Answer: Tester accused of trickery, PMs start flying around and poster on a watch list. People spend loads on these guitars, it's going to take quite a brave man to say isn't that great really... most folk have a deep seated need to feel validated. This is like the polar opposite of the Norlin discussion, everyone who has a Norlin seems to be 'one of the lucky ones who got a great one' and 99.9999% of those who've doled out for an old guitar have bought "one with that vintage magic new guitars don't have" etc... That said if we're talking as value for Objet d'art well, old guitars have a look and detail that relicers can't fake well enough and can remind you of looking at an old artwork where you see crazing too where the oils have fully dried out, natural crazing always looks much better than faked crazing. You'll never resolve this one, people too blindly invested and folk will just throw a million parameters at you for why the test was wrong before they would ever accept the results.
  9. Return it for a refund, get out and try a few to find the one that is perfect for you. You'll be far happier in the long run.
  10. I have no rights to use the PM system and I have PM's from staff/mods, could you fix please? thanks

  11. Or much like an old lady, it's just well broken in and will soon have health issues that need a bit of attention..... Several things people don't factor in, old guitars are often quite delicate and not always suitable as roadworthy unless you have the time & money to transport them in optimal fashion, they will also cost more to repair and the repairs expense can be very significant, and rather often the vintage instrument value (antique) is considerably higher than its general value/worth as a musical instrument. They make nice enough investment pieces I suppose... each to their own, but one very very poignant point to make is that if your skills are average that high dollar vintage guitar wont make you sound better, if your skills are top notch you can make the cheapest POS sound great. Celebrate the workman, not the tool.
  12. I hear ye man, I hear ye..... the point I'm making is that generalisation of "it's its 50's good, if its 40's better" has a great baring on the market unjustifiably. Plenty of guitars from those years sound really average and some sound worse than average. Very much buyer beware territory.
  13. For me we see two cases of the classic 'vintage guitar market' attitude here...... (both from aussies post) 1) It it was a 50's it would be more of a toss up 2) and if it was a 40's then it would be a no brainer and Id go for the old boy. This is a great example of what drives the price of old guitars northbound, based on total assumptions and nothing concrete. Truth be told even if it was a 40's or a 50's job it could still be just an 'old guitar', they're not all 'special', even on the internet/youtube you can easily find many that are called 'special' and sound incredibly average if not totally un-special. Go for the guitar you like the sound of (and look of) regardless of it's maturity. Not everything old is gold. No denying some old guitar do sound magical, we've a few people here own old pieces that sound fabulous, but an awful lot of them don't, or don't sound any better than your average 2nd hand J-45 (recent model 10-15 years) and will be trading at 35-45% of the price if not even lower. In your case I'd go for the new TV model if I liked the sound & feel of the one you tried.
  14. Since you barred me, the bar has been lifted but I cant use the PM system to see what you PM'd me. can you fix please.

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