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  1. PM…where the heck are you???Miss your quick wit and retort!!

  2. Dude, how's it going? Get locked in a closet?

    Drop us a line on the Acoustic forum. Jim

  3. I have no rights to use the PM system and I have PM's from staff/mods, could you fix please? thanks

  4. Since you barred me, the bar has been lifted but I cant use the PM system to see what you PM'd me. can you fix please.

  5. Bing bong BK. That was rather decent, mate. Repetitive hand collision aimed in your direction ;)
  6. I like tights.... and secretary's shoes.
  7. I'm from the UK too but I'm currently a political prisoner in mainland Europe. Welcome aboard
  8. Seemed a bit hurried there, Jason. Couple of bits seemed to be running away from you. Perhaps you should knock it down a few BPM.
  9. Last time I was crippled inside I'd taken a handful of Mogadon (now banned) and fought off sleep.... It was awesome! All motor-neuron skills had the plug pulled.
  10. maybe it's the catalyst for the zombie plague… maybe this is where it all starts.
  11. You, Sir, are a hero. You and the fake 'deaf signer' at Mandela's shindig are my favorite people this week.
  12. Yep, there's 300 bucks of yer cash at work... LOL
  13. Cheers man, will check the clip out, haven't seen it.

  14. Hey PM your comments really crack me up . Me and my buddy now walk around saying. " do one Gaylord " and we don't even know what the hell kt means. Did you see my TTMOE wind ans walls clip ? It's really quite easy to play once you know the tuning.

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