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Just got another rock fanatics Bible.


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Last Monday I ordered the Hendrix Gear Book and it came on Friday.This book is a must have for Hendrix freaks and starts right back in his earloy days in Seattle and his first Supro and his Danelectro "Betty Jean" guitar.I haven't browsed through the book because I want to see how his guitar accumulation happened in chronological order and I don't want to find out what's coming on the next page.Anyway when I have finished this I'm going to order the Stone's Gear Book,I don't know if it's written by Andy Babiuck who wrote the excellent Beatles Gear but since I was a huge Stones fan up until Brian died,it's another must-have book.


From reviews I have read the Hendrix Gear book goes pretty deep into researching serial numbers provenance etc. of "Hendrix" guitars that have mysteriously surfaced in the years since his death.

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