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I didn't know HERITAGE made acoustics???


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IU am still trying to get over the fact that Rickenbacker makes acoustics.


(Apologies to OWF for the temporary hijack....)


As a Rickenbacker electric player, and a fan of their guitars, I was very intrigued a number of years ago when RIC introduced these. I actually placed an order for one (a 12-string, naturally) with Dave's Guitar, and waited.


And waited.




And waited.


And nothing came.


Eventually, I cancelled the order. They, evidently, had serious issues with production and so had a luthier building their acoustics "on contract".


I actually managed to audition a few, and man! -- they were BRIGHT. So bright that if you had on shades, and closed your eyes, maybe the brightness was a little less noticeable. [scared]



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