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custom gibson gutiar tour.

anthony holiday

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I have been a Gibson guitar fan for years but recently I have been blown away by their customer service. Mr

Wayne green at the custom shop I feel went the extra mile for his customers. I missed a flight on the way to Nashville and missed the scheduled tour of the custom plant arriving three hours late. Wayne saved what would have been one of the worst days of my life and turned it around to be the best day of my life by giving me a personal tour of the plant even though I was three hours late. Now that is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. My hats off to Wayne and his crew. ( even got some free shirts).




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Anthony H,


You lucky guy!


I travel quite often to Memphis from San Francisco and winter time is a ***** without direct flights and the inevitable winter delays!


I've been to the Gibson factory in Memphis quite a number of times and love it! I was thinking of going this week...anybody else going to Memphis? We could meet up at the factory!

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