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Saddle height on NEW J-45


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Hey everyone,


I'm new and searched to see if this top had been covered, but couldn't find it. I'm looking for a new J-45. I've played about a dozen and have noticed that many of the new ones seem to have less saddle showing than I'm used to. I expect that from a well used guitar, but not a new one. I don't have pictures, but here are some of the specs from a great sounding new J-45 I'm considering.


A straight rule along the neck just kisses the top of the bridge, suggesting the neck angle is ok.


Action at the 12th fret: E = just over 7/64, e = 6/64

Height of D string from guitar body at the bridge = just over 1/2 inch


Saddle height between D&G strings = 11/64

Saddle height at E: 9/64

Saddle height at e: 4/64


To get to my preferred action, the saddle is going to have to come down a bit -- about 1/64 to 1/32. On the high 'e' side that's going to make for a pretty low/flush look to my eyes, and not much break angle.


Anyway, do these specs seem ok to you? I've found some with taller saddles (though not many), but they didn't sound as nice as this one.


Thanks in advance.



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I just sold one a couple months ago that had as close to a perfect neck angle as I've ever had. I would not settle for anything too far off. Keep looking and you'll find one.

This guitar had a neck relief of about .005", the nut slots were cut down where the 1st fret height was .020" on the bass string down to about .015" at the treble. You can see the action at the 12th and how much saddle was left. Most of my freinds think I go too low but they never buzz. I just got done setting up a J200 I bought last week close to this J45.



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