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  1. Here's a J-200 I had that had similar grain
  2. Hard to tell from the pictures but the lacquer looks fine. Looks like you have some silking in the wood grain which is very normal. I have a few guitars with that. Notice how it’s a mirror image which is how it should be.
  3. When I got my '42 LG1 it had a lot of mud dauber nest inside. We think the guitar had been out in a shed.
  4. Dave F


    Standard base price is 1250 the Calton I had was one of the older ones made in Calgary. It was very nice.
  5. Dave F


    Behind the headstock is fully supported.
  6. Dave F

    Old Smecks

    Tom, the newer versions have a deeper body than a std Jumbo. What are your guitars?
  7. Dave F


    A few weeks ago I contacted Hoffee about a case that could be used on my guitars between the Super400 (18") down to the J's and D's. (16") . I never need more than one case and did not want to get one for every size. He suggested his 19" case with some pads. I also ordered one with the insulation, back straps and cover. It arrived today and looks great. The Super400 isn't home to try out but it looks like there's room for it. I already sold the Calton case and have a couple Hiscox that will go.
  8. I agree with LM. I've tried every trick to no avail. Buying a new one has worked the best for me. I have a bowed elevated pickguard from an old archtop that I blocked up the edges and over bent the middle the opposite direction and left it in that state for two years. When I released it it went back.
  9. One thing that surprised me was that the top braces are part of the carving, not glued on. Had a very nice maple sound.
  10. I found a closet queen Cremona that my luthier talked me out of. He slapped a pickup on it and uses it as one of his main stage guitars
  11. I repaired a Takamine using this method and it turned out okay but that wasn't nitro.
  12. I have an acoustic Super 400 and L5. From my experience they project their sound across the room and you do not get the full essence of the large maple f-holes while they're setting on your lap or if you put a mic in front of it.
  13. I've been having a little fun fixing up sets. Just last week, I took a set off a Regal that were pristine except for the buttons. I replaced the buttons and put them out on EBay. The owner of Kluson (WD Music Products -Larry Davis) contacted me and wound up buying them.
  14. I get that. Many a nice guitar I’ve sold because it didn’t do anything for me and the buyers were elated. I’ve had friends play my guitars and they sound great but I could not get that sound. And then you have players that can make anything sound good e.g. Greg Koch.
  15. Nothing. It sounds, looks and plays great. I guess I just have too many to chose from.
  16. Our list are somewhat close.The Dove was never on my wish list but one popped up locally and I worked out a trade for a DIF. I'm really like it. I think it will stay. I love my D41's, one has the baked top. I have a J185 Modern Vintage all hide glue. A very nice guitar but I don't find myself reaching for it very often so it's going on the block. I've had two HB's, they never stuck to me. Recently sold my Taylor 814CE. I have a '42 SJ on order. Like a parallel universe.
  17. The pandemic really has the guitar stores looking depressing around here in the Northern KY/ Greater Cincinnati area. I visited both local GC 's and their walls are almost empty with little selection.
  18. I’ve had a D41 Special for about 10 years that is my favorite guitar. A few months ago I got a CS-D41-15 nos that has the baked top.
  19. As a side note: I recently bought a Martin with the baked top and was impressed so I just ordered one of the new 1942 SJ to hear how the Gibson’s sound.
  20. This was out of the 2020 Price guide
  21. Price guide has std J-185 EC $1550-2000 same for custom and rw Vine goes up to 2700 quilt 3000
  22. I thought John Thomas was moonlighting.
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