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  1. I recently traded off my Fender Deluxe Reverb in a guitar deal and bought a Twin Reverb Tone Master. Has a variable wattage switch which is nice for home use. You can turn it down and turn up the volume and get whatever sound you want.
  2. I've been purging some of my guitars including the electrics. My current electric stable is Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, Fender Tele Select, '60's Teisco, Ovation Tornado. The Chet would be my favorite.
  3. I still have the one I bought new in ‘70. It was my main guitar for years.
  4. As stated, I know your neck is not broke and I was directing you to the Gibson Repair Shop to show how they can build up voids with carbon fiber. If you go to face book ( https://www.facebook.com/gibsonrandr/ ) you can see some of their great repair work, I imagine a good luthier could do something similar. Personally, I would not put that much into the guitar and leave it as is unless I had an emotional attachment to it. I have in the past put more into a guitar than it was worth but it was my first guitar my mom got for me in the early 60's. On the other hand I've put some $$ into a guitar trying to make it something it wasn't and eventually moved it on.
  5. On EBay. Looks like it has the three tone bars that Tom has mentioned
  6. Gibson’s repair shop showed where they repaired a broken neck. After glueing it back together they built up layers of carbon fiber then sanded it to shape and painted it. You could not tell anything had been done to it.
  7. Dave F

    J-60 Question

    I’ve been through a quite few Gibson’s looking for that RW sound I like. So far the only ones I liked (soundwise) are a stage deluxe and a NL, both 12 fretters with deep bodies. I have a new one on order that I have high hopes for.
  8. Acoustic Blues, I would go for an L00. Look for a vintage or used Legend or if they have a new torrified top maybe give it a try. I have a ‘32 L00 RI that seems to be close to the Legend.
  9. I don’t know about that. One of those Cowboy guitars may make into my house one day 😉
  10. Just my preference, but I don’t care for Gibson’s natural finishes. I’ve had quite a few and still have a few. Their burst is what attracts me. I prefer Martin naturals but they should not do burst although I do have one. I have seen some nice burst from them so the clown burst is obviously by choice.
  11. Tuners look like they're from a Martin so you would have a rebuilt Martin.
  12. Congrats! Years ago I reacquired a sold off favorite after a 5 year absence. Good thing is I've never had an urge to get rid of it again. I've sold off quite a few since but haven't had an urge to get them back. I'm afraid I would have to loose those tuners and get some cream buttons 😉
  13. I looked at a few of the packs that come with the Gibson acoustics. One of these is from a 2016 model but not a J45. Looks the some over the past few years.
  14. When I had my custom koa made I was going to do a 000-28. The dealer suggested the 0000 (or M) body size because it it larger and would help the sound with it being a thin guitar. The M is almost the same size as a D with a tighter waist and thinner body. Here's some info from Maury's Martin 000-14 Fret Guitars BODY LENGTH 19-3/8" UPPER BOUT WIDTH 11-1/4" LOWER BOUT WIDTH 15" UPPER BOUT DEPTH 3-11/32" LOWER BOUT DEPTH 4-1/8" Martin M-14 Fret Guitars BODY LENGTH 20-1/8" UPPER BOUT WIDTH 11-11/16" LOWER BOUT WIDTH 16" UPPER BOUT DEPTH 3-5/16" LOWER BOUT DEPTH 4-1/8" Martin D-14 Fret Guitars BODY LENGTH 20" UPPER BOUT WIDTH 11-1/2" LOWER BOUT WIDTH 15-5/8" UPPER BOUT DEPTH 3-15/16" LOWER BOUT DEPTH 4-7/8"
  15. See if this matches up to what you have http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Round-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/J-45-True-Vintage/Specs.aspx Hardware Strap Buttons End Pin Strings .012" - .053" Gibson Light Guage
  16. The Gibson ‘34 Jumbo RI I recently sold had a dual action rod. First one I’ve ever seen. Worked a lot better than the standard one. It was my understanding that some of the early Gibson’s had these rods. I like the Martin 000. I have a 000-28 EC SB and a 0000-28 Custom Koa.
  17. Just my own experience, I opted to keep my J45 Legend and move my vintage 1942 J45. I opted to keep my vintage LG1 and move the RI version. Both cases, the RI's impressed me enough to seek out an original. Other newer guitars that impress me that would tempt me to gamble on a vintage are my L5 and L00. I think the modern guitars are more consistent with less issues (if you find one you like) where as the vintage market is a hit or miss. Being 80 years old can be welled played, abused or an unplayed closet queen. I'm sure the results will vary. If you find a good one it's a real treasure but how many frogs are you willing to kiss? I've got warts all over my lips. I currently have two frogs at the luthier ('40 Recording King and a '52 J45) and one shiny new torrified top on order.
  18. I’m hoping for more. I’ve had a J45 Custom RW that was disappointing and a Honky Tonk Deuce RW that was the most comfortable guitar I’ve ever played but the sound didn't cut it. I’ve had a few other Gibson RW’s (J200, CJ165, ‘34 Jumbo RI, AJ) that didn’t do it for me. RW’s that did do it for me sound wise are the Stage Deluxe and Nick Lucas. I have a J45 Legend I like and I’m hoping this SJ will be its RW counterpart.
  19. Must be something about them small birds. Here's Martin's take on it. https://www.maurysmusic.com/maury_s_blog/view/191997/martin_d_true_love
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