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  1. You can go in your settings and change it back
  2. Rabs straightened most of us out. You must use your screen name pappy for the sign in then whatever your password is.
  3. We're coming up on #48. Sounds like you two had a great life and it looks like you gave her a great send off. Sorry for your loss but congratulations on the wonderful life you two shared. I really enjoy all the videos you two have out there and you'll have them to look back on as you carry on. Best wishes, Dave
  4. Sometimes a thin piece of rock maple over the existing plate will work
  5. All Parts makes nice replacements but you would have to add the pu cut outs.
  6. I learn something new every time I watch one of his videos. The biggest thing I learned this time is I need to become one of his close friends and let him take care of my guitars. I have a straight edge I use but I think I'm going to add an indicator to the end of it.
  7. I use the same gage. I set at the 12th .060"E to .040"e Neck relief .000"-.005" I do setups for friends. The biggest improvement I make for them is the nut slots. At the 1st .022"E dropping .002" per string to .012"e
  8. I had the same problem until I used my screen name. In your case login with Holiday Hoser then your pw.
  9. I got it! I did not notice that a space had been added to my name. Thanks all!
  10. I cannot login unless I reset my password every time. It does not accept my usual name and password. Everytime I leave the site it kicks me off and the only way I can log back on is to reset my password.
  11. Test pic Small Bodies (Newer versions) LG2 (LG1-RI), L1 F-hole, 1932 L00 RI, Nick Lucas Mystic RW, LC Century of Progress Centennial, CJ-165 RW
  12. Welcome to the forum! See if this helps https://www.gibson.com/Support/Serial-Number-Search
  13. Neither of my options are there Gibson '42 LG1 Martin D41 Special
  14. A few years ago I purchased a 1982 HD28 Custom built BRW, German spruce top built to the pre war specs. After a few years I hated the beefy neck, the bar frets and non adjustable truss rod. I know that adjusting the neck could be performed by compression with varying fret wire thickness. I had to modify it or get rid of it. After talking my luthier in to my request, he replaced the fret board with standard frets and added an adjustable rod and shaved the neck down. Now it’s one of my favorites. Look at some of the most famous guitars in the world and many of them have been altered. I wouldn’t be concerned about a decal. Go for it.
  15. My J45 Legend has an ink stamp on the neck block that represents the modern day serial number.
  16. At my age I know that anything fairly new I acquire will not become a sought after vintage in my lifetime so I wouldn’t worry about it and do what I want. I always liked Nicks J45 with the L5 looking headstock. Just this past year, Gibson had two models that I know of with the flower pot that would not normally have it. A J45 Custom walnut and a L1 F hole. Go ahead and customize it.
  17. I was guessing at his birth year
  18. I recommend going to the 40 series. They’re different animals.
  19. I had an AJ with walnut that is to date the loudest I’ve played.
  20. I’m a little biased toward the original recording which is one of my all time favorites but you did a good job with it. I’m not sure about it being a ragtime tune. Cindy Walker wrote so many hits. She left her songs to the Country Music HOF and the royalties still bring in over a couple million dollars a year. She had a secret crush on Bob Wills for whom she wrote many hits and this song was of that hidden love
  21. I'd like to compare some reissues to the real thing. I have a J45 Banner and a Legend. To my ears the Legend wins but my Banner sample has been through a lot. I have a '42 LG1 and it's reissue. Original wins by a mile. Some Reissues I would like to compare to the originals '34 Jumbo '32 L00 Martin HD28 BRW J45 Legend Century of Progress SJ Rosewood Stage Deluxe (to a Radio Grande) L5
  22. He has one Martin he got from Johnny Cash who got it from Hank Jr who inherited from his dad. His other Martin is his signature model which is based on the Hank. His mandolin is a Gibson. His tele is the original bender belonging to Clarence White. Of course he has a warehouse full of famous instruments all having a story attached to them. Plus he has access to all the instruments in the CM HOF
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