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  1. My favorite SG color and setup. I'm envious.
  2. I like the picture of the back of the headstock. Looks like every style tuner has been on it at one time or another. I personally would not go much more than it's current bid. Too much unknown. Maybe loose bracing with the loose binding. It should rattle pretty good. Removing the frets and cleaning off the fretboard would be the only way I would take off that lacquer.
  3. I’ve got some old hardware from a Kalamazoo that would look good on it.
  4. At least he didn’t use the old ‘Grandpa’s guitar story’. That one brings a tear to my eye every time
  5. I agree. Been there, done that. I’ve had one returned/repaired and another return/exchange. Both worked out good.
  6. Take it with a grain of salt, These numbers are usually high. On the other side, I don't know if Gibson still makes Folk instruments which should drive up the value. Do an advanced search in EBay and see what they've actually sold for.
  7. I liked the video. In hindsight and knowing what he showed us, I would had machined the top of the saddles to remove the grooves and lower the action then remachine the grooves to correct the spacing .
  8. Frets came out nice. The saddle had a tapered bottom which isn’t unusual for setting on a piezo strip but it had been removed. I squared it off but now it’s too low so I’ll make s new saddle. After that the nut slots then it should be ready.
  9. Here's my latest purchase. '94 Gospel getting some fretwork.
  10. As stated above, the coated ones will last forever for occasional use. Some of my guitars sit for a year or so with the coated and they hold up. On the flip side, I was bragging about the coated strings to a friend of mine that plays out about 4 nights a week. The coated strings lasted about 3 weeks (versus his usual once a week changing) then the coating started flaking off so I don't think they'll hold up under extreme playing conditions. I recently tried the nickel bronze strings and was blown away with their initial sound bu they lost their sizzle after a couple weeks, but they still sound okay. I have a large stash of SP's so they'll do for now.
  11. I never use an electric drill. Just hold the drill in a pin vise and use my fingers. With the tape as mentioned.
  12. Move this to the Epiphone forum and you should get some good info.
  13. If it were laminated I would not expect to see the back strip and bracing. BRW is not as porous as EI. If you have a sample guitar known to be EI do a comparison. Dramatic difference.
  14. Thanks for the update. I hadn’t heard anything since he quit touring a year or so ago. Very talented artist and a great song writer.
  15. Dave F


    The recent threads mentioning the Gospel got my interest so I started looking for one. EBay had one listed that caught my attention. It was listed starting at 900 with make an offer. The pictures were rather evasive but the description was very specific. Here it is - Hi up for sale is a 1994 Gibson 100th Anniversary Gospel acoustic guitar. The guitar is absolutely mint with just the barest signs that it had been handled. I purchased it from the original owner who said to me he maybe strummed it lightly a few times. It's a true time-capsule piece..just as it came from the factory. 100th year foil label inside sound hole Looked nice enough and with the description I had the EBay guarantee Toward the end of the bidding I offered him a little less than his starting point. Just before it was over he accepted it. When I tried to pay him, his email was not active with Paypal. We got that fixed. A couple days later the USPS drops it off at my door. No box, tape around the case. Case was not in great shape but the tape did no damage. After I opened it, I thought I got the wrong guitar Nicks, scratches, fret wear and a nice top crack along the fret board I immediately started the return process. He was polite and agreed. Then he asked if I would consider keeping it with a partial refund. I then did a more thorough inspection. Crack is secure, truss rod (dual action) worked, fret wear could easily be removed plus there are a few high frets, fret board was clean, neck angle was only slightly off and not in need of a reset, nut slots need recut. Did not play bad as is. I offered $375 and he agreed. What do you think?
  16. Show us what you have. Most of the tuners out there are dimensioned very well where you can tell if they will fit. There are a lot of members that have ckck out tuners (including me) . Good luck!
  17. I never saw one without the arrowhead headstock. More pictures would help. Is it a set neck or bolt-on? From the photo it looks like a bolt on. That would not be a Gibson. Could be one of their off brand models like Epiphone or Maestro.
  18. I have the 30" and 24". I prefer the 24". Maybe an old age thing 😉
  19. Here's the bag. I spec'd it out for the Super 400. The L5 and J200 fit nice too. The 400 is in it zipped up. o.
  20. Check out Stew Mac’s new Gibson product line.
  21. I have two extra cases. My LP came with the black case but I always liked the brown ones. I picked up the middle case on local CL with red interior. Then at a local music store I got the one on the left with the pink interior at a warehouse sale.
  22. My first decent lead playing lesson was in the mid sixties with a play along LP with tabs by the Ventures. Still remember it.
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