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  1. Dave F

    Calton Cases

    KY? Where at? I’m in Erlanger.
  2. Looks great! I did the same to my Kristofferson SJ.
  3. Nice job as usual! Glad to hear from you.
  4. Dave F

    Calton Cases

  5. Woodstock? I didn't know he played!
  6. As stated, a teacher that will be honest with you is invaluable. I remember my first golf instructor. He asked me if I had considered taking up a different sport:) Apparently I have a good ear for music as long as my mouth is not open. I remember recording myself back in the ‘60’s. After listening to it, I swore to myself that I would never sing in public. I concentrated on the guitar after that but those skills are about in line with my golfing ability.
  7. Nice playing. I would rather see a hack playing it so I can get an idea on how it would sound in my hands.
  8. Sound is closer to mahogany. Yes, a Wheaten Terrier.
  9. I really like the 000 and 0000 body size. A few years ago I bought a used 000-28EC with a K&K in it. I liked it a lot but I did not like the wear and tear on it. I don't mind wear and tear on a vintage guitars but not on newer guitars, that's just me Since then I picked up a 000-28EC SB and a 0000-28 Koa
  10. Looks like it was engraved into the wood then some paint dropped in. It does look to be done a long time ago.
  11. Use this experience for inspiration. Throw in pieces similar to your favorite numbers like Fogerty did in his comeback album after he gave up his rights to his earlier hits. Songs like Zans Kant Danz. Here’s your first song title ‘Tube Won’t Do’
  12. I put some Taylor ebony pins on this LG1. I think they're size 1 but I'm not sure
  13. Zero fret is my favorite. Then the nut is nuttin’ more than a spacer.
  14. I would take it to a competent luthier and have him make a replica for it.
  15. I don't think Colorado would have the same effect.
  16. Growing up in the early '60's my best friend (still to this day) was the lead singer and rhythm guitar in our band that never actually played out anywhere. In the '70's I was playing in the bars with his older brother. FFW to the 90's, my best friend decides he wants to start playing out and has me working with him. The main thing I had to do was to calm his nerves and slow him down. He was trying to race through the songs. At the time I was in a very good church band and had no desire to play in bars but I did play a few times with him in coffee shops. He thanks me to this day for slowing him down.
  17. Definitely looks better than the first one.
  18. Dave F


    Nice looking guitar. I've always been impressed with Taylor guitars and the business itself, especially Bob Taylor. Unfortunately I never seem to bond with them and they eventually get sold off. I've owned a few. I just sold my 814 a few weeks ago so I am currently Taylor free. I compared the 814 to the Martin OMCPA1 Plus and decided to keep the Martin.
  19. I have one that has never been used or put on the guitar, but I do not want to part with it. If you don't have any luck I can trace it for you.
  20. The UV light is just to check if the mold is gone If you darken the room and shine the light inside, all organic material will glow, including most glues. Good luck!
  21. Dave F

    Adi Braz

    Here's my Martin '82 BRW
  22. Dave F

    Adi Braz

    Get a bright light and a strong lense or magnifying glass. Try to get a sample of each, EIR should be easy to get. The first picture shows EIR. The next one shows BRW. I've used this method. From https://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/distinguishing-brazilian-rosewood-from-east-indian-and-other-rosewoods/ Endgrain: Pay close attention to the endgrain, as it’s one of the best ways to separate the two woods. Each sample above represents approximately a 3/8″ square section of endgrain. The key is in the pore density: East Indian Rosewood has about twice as many pores per square inch as Brazilian Rosewood. This can be difficult to gauge if you don’t have any known samples to compare, but Brazilian Rosewood should have fairly sparsely spaced pores, while East Indian Rosewood should be almost riddled with pores.
  23. I had a similar issue a few years ago. I wiped the inside down with a mold removal made for bare wood and then followed it up with the rice where you put some rice in the sound hole, plug up the sound hole then shake it vigorously. I repeated the process one time. Checked it with a UV light afterwards and it was okay. It did not return. I wished I had taped over the markings inside, they were pretty faint by the time I was done. Good Luck
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