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Hi guys, i write from Argentina. I want to know if this color is Wine Red o has another name. For me is Wine Red and it look more bright because the photo but seller says is Cherry Red...

Another question, only exist Wine Red o has diferent tones?












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There is very little (if any) figure on your guitar fella, where as in the second batch of photos there is, and the figure shows up darker, I suppose it was either prestained to show the figure (in a darker colour), or the figure has taken more stain, appearing darker.

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Hello J. Ignacio, and welcome aboard, mate!


To me this top basically is a flame maple one, unclear if grade A or AA. However, I think it looks nice despite of being a bit inconsistent, but this also highly depends on lighting and viewing angles.


...or, in short: Looks nice to me, there's nothing missing. [thumbup]


I wouldn't care if the staining of the top looks a bit blotchy. Wood always is subject to variations by nature. The most important things in my opinion are how the guitar plays and sounds, followed by overall condition.


As for the colour, I don't have an idea different from Wine Red, too.


Have fun!





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