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Tube Noises


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Yes, faily common and nothing to worry about. I've noticed some tubes make more noise than others, and some amps are more prone to making these noises louder. My observation is the amps that make the noises louder are typically due how solid the construction is for the metal amp chassis the tubes mount in. In less expensive amps the chassis is a die cut and folded box, and the corners/edges aren't attached to each other or welded, so they transfer the noise more than expensive amp chassis which are typically more stable by welding, etc. You may also want to push down (or up, depending on design) on the tubes to make sure they're fully seated. A lot of movement happens during shipping after manufacture.


Since you are new to tube amps, always turn on the power first, and allow the tubes to warm up and then turn on the standby/on switch (assuming you have both). And always power down opposite this order.


By the way, congrats! What did you get?

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