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Epi 339 Ultra III


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Hi All, I've got another strange issue with my 339 Ultra III. Under normal circumstances, pressing the push-push knob will toggle from Both pickups, Nano-Mag and HBs. For whatever reason, mine does not work anymore. It just stays in the dual position. For a couple of attempts it seemed to move after a few pushes, but not anymore.


I can use it in stereo mode by plugging something into the other output jack and get just the Nanomag output from Nanomag line, but obviously this is not the desired solution.


I took the back cover off and noticed nothing loose. I also tried a brand new battery with no luck.


I'm not sure how to diagnose this to see which component is at fault. it could be the knob, something on the circuit board or something in the input jack. Any thoughts anyone?

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