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Gibson Blue Ridge 1972

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Hello all,


I have my grandfather's Gibson Blue Ridge Guitar with serial number 805234 (it has a 2 beneath that leading me to believe it was a factory second?) Anyway, I think it dates to 1972. I think the specs varied for these models but I am curious to know what the nut is made out of. Is it bone or plastic?


Thanks for all of your help.



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Hey Frankie, it is most likely plastic. It is hard to say though without having a look. Nuts are re-placeable...hard to say if it is original to the guitar or not. It should be easy enough to tell by looking at it.... or sticking a hot needle into it, perhaps!


The number 2 would indicate a factory 'second' and probably would have sold new 'at a discount'.


Nice guitars, I think!



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