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Song Recording Settings


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Hello all,


I'm wondering if there is a website that provides all the recorded settings for a song (ie Pan settings, EQ levels, Master Volume, effects etc),

I doubt there is, but if someone has stumbled upon one, please let me know....


Thanks in advance....

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If you're thinking of the settings a song was tracked or mixed with, I seriously doubt that the info would be available. I also doubt that it would really be much use to anybody. You would have to know what the raw sound of the instruments/vocals sounded like pre-EQ/compression/FX to understand why an engineer processed a track in a certain way in the first place. If you don't start from the same place you won't end up with the same result. Also, various compressors and FX have thir own sound, so if you don't use like for like it's more than possible that even if you got the source exact the final result would be different.


If you've got some tracks ready and mixed that you want to master 'in the ballpark of' a particular sounding recording you could try AAMS (which is donationware these days rather than a pay up front program). AAMS will listen to a track, analyze it and apply settings to your mix to get you close to the reference track. It's way too big a program for me to try and explain it to you, but you can download the program and the manual from here http://www.curioza.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

AAMS is a very advanced, sophisticated program but don't expect it to get everything right all the time. There is scope within the program for 'user input', and making small alterations may make a big difference. Studying the results of what AAMS has done to a mix can also be a useful learning tool.

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