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What pickups came with my 2004 SG Standard?

Do most players swap them out If so with what?

Thanks: d/

490R in the neck, which is a basic low output alnico 2 pickup (same as found in the BB King sig and a few other models). 498T in the bridge, which is a higher output alnico 5 pickup geared towards rock. A lot of people do change them out. Personally, I don't think they're too bad after changing out the pots for some decent 500k (like CTS).

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The Gibson classic 57 pickups are probably the most popular choice for replacement pickups for a classic rock vibe but it depends on the sound u want / style of music .


I use Bareknuckle riff raff in the bridge again for the classic rock vibe and it is superb but these will be expensive in the USA .


I would nt recommend the Gibson 498t , these are too mid rangey .

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