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Help with installing Schaller strap locks on ES-339


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Hi all,


I recently got an ES-339 and love it, but it definitely needs strap locks. I got a pair of Schaller locks and saw this post: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/3754-straplocks-for-es-339-with-pictures-and-screw-sizes/.


That seemed overly complicated, so I'm wondering if what I did is OK:


For the neck button, I just used the original screw that came with the guitar and the Schaller button. It fit perfectly.


For the tail button, I used the Schaller screw and button. The original tail screw was a little wider and shorter, but the Schaller screw appears to fit in well without any movement or anything. Is this OK? Is there a reason not to do this?




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The screws should go in with a certain amount of resistance that's typical for that size of screw. If it goes in really easy but seems secure, it's probably not as good as it should be.


If it unscrews easily, you can back it out and jam a couple of pieces of toothpick in there and snug the screw down. Take a toothpick and split it lengthwise, hold the pieces together and stick it back in the hole. Then drive the screw down the middle of the the two pieces of toothpick. It should end up nice and snug. Use a little soap on the screw to make it easy to drive.



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