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Authenticating P90 pups


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Hello there folk,

New to all this, so please be gentle.

I'm the owner of a Gibson studio 60's tribute, that needs some work.

I've recently purchased this guitar only to begin thinking that a

number of parts may have been swapped out.

The bridge for instance has no markings, numbers or stamping,

and has collapsed. Similiarly the stoptail, though it hasn't collapsed.

The P90's appear ok, but again no markings of any kind. I must admit

that they do sound really good.

The pots are engraved,/ stamped, Gibson, the switch is unmarked,

and the jack is marked switchcraft.

I would assess the work as just ordinary in that I could do a similar

job of fitting these items.

My mission should you choose to accept it,

how can I authenticate these items as original Gibson components.

Any advise would be truly welcomed, thank you folks.

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Most of those parts that you mentioned are unmarked are frequently that way on many Gibson guitars. The Gibson name appears on very few of the parts with the exception of the pots and sometimes pickups. You can do a Google search on P90's and get pictures of Gibson pick ups and you will find that many of them are unmarked.

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