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les paul pro fx


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it's my first les paul so i like the loud and fat sound

the splits

and i know epiphone's humbuckers are closed to classic 57


my reference is gary moore or john sykes or doug alrich


i think gary had stock pickups of his les paul 59


doug has a big oupout level with his bridge humbucker


in fact, i would have been happy to find a gibson bridge humbucker with alnico V but there is only the dirty fingers in ceramic with a high oupout



i look for a warm tone in neck with more treble sound (original sound is a little dark)


classic 57


+sh4? i see that sh4 is not very a clean humbucker, classic 57 or 498 have a beautiful sound in videos even with distortion (more trebles notes)



so?classic 57 ? burstuckers 2 ?pro lead? i look for a fat tone in neck

i don't play loud because it's a bedroom


c57 + sh4? or c57 +other pickup?


there will be 2 splits too


and i have a floyd rose, so i look for harmonics and sustain

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