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Hey guys,


I just want to ask if theres difference in sound quality of a cheap cable and an expensive cable. I have one of those free cables that came with my starter kit amp and guitar a while ago. I just bought a new AMP by Fender, mustang 1. I am wondering if changing cables mean anything at all besides durability. If so, which brand and spec will be appropriate for a small in home play? I just want a good sounding cable thats all. Clear sounds. Thanks in advance guys!

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Guess nobody viewed this subforum recently...


Very important properties for maintaining good sound are cable capacitance and shielding. The self-capacitance of a good 6m/20ft guitar cable should not exceed 100 pF/m equivalent 30 pF/ft, and there should be a conductive plastic lining between shield and core isolation to reduce crackling or popping noises when being moved or stepped on.


Since decades I use cables of decent quality on a budget. There are lots of them all around the planet, and so it's difficult for me to give an advice for anywhere except my own region. So I just can give examples here.


The ones I use for mono applications are these: http://www.thomann.de/gb/the_sssnake_gkp6_instrumentenkabel.htm


and these here for my hybrid guitars with magnetic/piezo stereo jack: http://www.thomann.de/gb/cordial_cfy_6_vpp.htm

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