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ES-339 Nut


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Plastic is kind of a dirty word, and I'm not familiar with any problems with Gibson nuts so long as they were cut right to begin with. I believe Gibson uses Corian nuts now; years back they used nylon. The nut on my 339 is much nicer than the black plastic nut that was on the Epiphone Dot.


Opinions abound, but when I make a new nut (and I don't have any reason to as far as my 339 is concerned) I use bone because I can pick from a few blanks and get a nice homogenous one. They don't have that luxury in a factory production environment and using Corian is one good way to ensure a consistent supply and quality level. I believe you'll find that the big names in acoustics use Micarta or other synthetic saddles and nuts, whereas the boutique custom makers can still use bone partly because of the scale of operations.

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